Styling Services

We know style and understand the importance of self expression through style. We are passionate about helping each and every one of our clients to find their own unique style or perhaps help find a new perspective into how they dress.

Through our consultations we work with you and your needs to help you build your dream wardrobe and what we like to call a working wardrobe - that is having EVERY piece of clothing in your wardrobe ready to be worn with plenty of options of what to piece it together with.

Creating a wardrobe that works for your unique lifestyle, shape, personality and budget is important to us.

If you...
  • Are feeling bored of the same look 
  • Tend to impulse buy
  • Feel overwhelmed when shopping 
  • Dislike shopping
  • Struggle to accessorise 
  • Feel like you never have anything to wear 
  • Don’t know how to coordinate items within your wardrobe 
  • Not sure what colours suit you 
  • Have a body that has changed but a wardrobe that hasn’t
  • Not sure what are the current trends and want to explore your inner fashionista..we can help you!
We have a range of services to cater any one and everyone - male, female of any shape and age.

The shopping edit (no minimum) We begin our session with a cup of coffee at the shopping centre of your choice. We get to know you as a person and what items of clothing you like to wear. We then make a list of what to shop for and plan out what stores to visit. We shop until we get every item, literally ‘shop till we drop’. We teach you about what styles suit your body shape for when you shop on your own.

The wardrobe and shop edit (minimum 2 hours) A combination of a wardrobe edit and restock. We work with you to map out how much time to spend on each. We start with a consultation to ensure we meet your needs.

The girls day out edit (minimum 2 hours)
We allocate 4 hours to you and your girls and have a shopping day out! Throughout the day we will provide you with our expertise tips and advice to ensure you get what you want out of the session and best of all have fun with your girls while you are investing in your personal style.

Group styling sessions and work shops 
We offer a range of sessions and can work with you to ensure we provide the styling services you need.

Gift vouchers are available.

Email us at to book today!

Yasmin and Tegan (November 2016)

"Have some new amazing pieces in my wardrobe. I now know that I can still feel dressed up in casual clothing. No longer spending hours getting frustrated on weekends because I didn’t have anything casual to wear."

"It’s definitely worthwhile, such a fun day and the girls really make you feel comfortable and they do an excellent job of finding clothes that suit your style and what you’re after." Yasmin  - November 2016.

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