Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Sustainability series #2 - shopping for new items

Sustainability is seriously trending right now. We are becoming more conscious and aware as a society and it is SO great to see! With all of the climate talks, with all of the focus on reducing carbon emissions, on recycling and composting, on savings our oceans, and we are all able to contribute to this, no matter how small of a difference we think we make, it all counts!

In the last post, we looked at our existing wardrobes. But what if there are things you need that you don’t already have? It’s not about depriving yourself from buying what you need but becoming more aware of the options you have.

I used to never like second-hand items – It was only in the last few years that I ventured into this space as I learned more about fast fashion and sustainability more generally.

OK – so there are some seriously great finds at op shops. Sometimes the items haven’t even been worn. My op shop (opportunity shop) of choice is the Red Cross Shop!

Let’s start with outerwear – I love jackets and trenches and was looking for one to take me from Winter into Spring/Summer. I found this beauty in the Red Cross Shop in the City in Canberra.

Outfit details | trench, belt and pants: Red Cross Shops, clutch: The Daily Edited

Photographer | Deejay Jukic

Some tips for op-shopping

1  Check if details or accessories are missing. Was it supposed to come with a belt? Is there a button missing? Check the item of clothing properly before deciding to buy.

     Always try it on! This will let you see and feel it on your body! 

     Check for holes and tears – sometimes there are tears in clothing that you may not notice at first glance.

The items don’t have to be perfect. Most things can be easily altered by a tailor! In most cases, you will still end up saving buying from an op shop, even when you need to get something altered!

Outfit details | trench, belt and pants: Red Cross Shops, clutch: The Daily Edited

Photographer | Deejay Jukic

This trench was $27 – such a bargain! It was still in very good shape, I didn’t love the buttons but I had them swapped out by a tailor. Super easy! It was also missing its belt, also OK with me! I can wear it without a belt or find another belt for it!

It’s great for our environment to not buy new. But by shopping at the Red Cross Shop, your money will go to helping the Australian Red Cross support its work helping vulnerable communities across Australia and our region.

In the next post, I'll share how I styled an entire work outfit from the Red Cross Shop! 

Have you shopped at the Red Cross Shops before?

Want to shop where I shopped?
Red Cross Shop, 165 City Walk, Canberra 2600

Opening hours
Monday 9:30 -5:30
Tuesday 9:30 -5:30
Wednesday 9:30 -5:30
Thursday 9:30 -5:30
Friday 9:30-7:00
Saturday 10:00-5:00
Sunday 11:00-4:00


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