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Self care - when your lashes need a little loving

Self care is anything that you do for yourself that makes you feel more full – things that fill your cup. It doesn’t need to be something super expensive, just anything that you do for you!

Photographer: Deejay Jukic, We Are Found

Something I did recently was take care of my lashes! Have you heard of a lash lift?! I love the look of lash extensions, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it. What’s your view on them? You might not want to go back every month for infills, you might not want to brush them daily. Or maybe you’re just a bit lazy (like me). I opt for this option more than lash extensions, but I love them both!

I recently visited Eva at Elysian for a lash lift and we got chatting! Keep reading to hear about my lash lift and about why Eva created Elysian!

Lash lifts take less than an hour all up, probably closer to 30 minutes. You lay down close your eyes and your lash technician gets working!

So how does it work?

Hydrating eye pads are placed in a position underneath your eyes, and the appropriate rod size is selected and placed onto the eyelid. Each of your lashes are then adhered over the rods and the solutions is put on to start the lift process. There’s no pain, it doesn’t sting and you can wet your lashes straight after – there’s no wait time! (WINNING!)

A little bit more about Eva!

Evie: How did you get started in the beauty industry?

Eva: I was fascinated by makeup and beauty at a young age. I use to sneak into my mother’s bedroom and look through her stash of makeup and skin care products all the time (honestly I still do this)! In 2010, I obtained my diploma in Beauty Therapy, and have been a practising beauty therapist ever since. In 2017 I discovered a newfound love/obsession for eyelash enhancements, so I got certified and since then established my business “Elysian Lash”.

Evie: What is a tip you would give someone wanted to get started in the industry?

Eva: My advice to anybody wanting to pursue beauty or anything in life for that matter, is to ensure you are pursuing it for the right reasons. Pursue it out of love, interest, passion, and not for anybody else. The industry is an inspiring place full of empowering women (and men) with evolving ideas. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people within the industry and always invest in continuing education.

Evie: What does the name Elysian mean?

Eva:  ‘Elysian’ is described as a peaceful, idyllic, happy place or state of being. This word perfectly captures the essence of the environment I want to work in and the environment I want my clients to feel each time they visit.

Evie: Why lashes?

Eva: Lashes have the ability to make you feel from 1 to 100. I love the instant transformation it can achieve, and for me personally how much time I save getting ready.

Evie: What is your must-have beauty item?

Eva: If I had to choose my top 3 must-have beauty items, they would be:

- Nars Sheer Glow foundation (my holy grail)
Image from Ulta Beauty

- Benefit Hoola matte bronzer (the absolute best way to warm up the skin and also used as an eyeshadow)
Image from Ulta Beauty

- Nude/mauve lip liner (I have a ba-zillion of these, but some of my favourites are by Colourpop ‘oh snap’ and Morphe ‘Bae’)

Image from Colurpop

Image from Morphe

The absolute beauty of lash extensions is how much LESS makeup you do need on a daily basis.

Evie: Who is your beauty or style icon?

Eva: One of my beauty and style icons is an American makeup guru - Desi Perkins. In her videos, she is extremely down to earth, naturally beautiful and completely an artist when it comes to makeup. Some of my favourite videos of hers are her Halloween transformations. Definitely, a must-see if you haven’t checked it out!

Words by Evie K


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Monday: 9.30am – 6.00pm
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