Thursday, 24 October 2019

How to wear white pants without anxiety

Does the thought of wearing white pants give you anxiety? You’re not alone. As a self-professed mess, the thought of white pants causes me to hyper ventilate. I am a walking magnet for food stains at the best of times. However, I think it’s worth the risk.

For me white is a marker that winter is over and it’s time to embrace the warmer weather.
While I can’t help you from spilling your morning latte, I can provide you with some practical tips for white pants.

  1. Cut is everything. When buying white pants don’t rush the process. Take the time to try on different styles to find what suits your body shape and lifestyle. It’s not as forgiving as black pants so invest the time. 
  2. Fabric choice. Do walk out of the change room and check out the pants in the store’s mirror and different light. While you can expect some transparency with white you don’t want to be feeling like the star of “Emperor’s New Clothes”.
  3. Nude underwear. Unless you are channelling a 90s pop star look avoid coloured g-strings. Nude is your best friend. If G’s aren’t your thing opt for some seamless briefs in nude. 
  4. Shoe choice. Nude, metallics or colour pop shoes. Wear white pants with nude or metallic shoes to further elongate your legs. If you want to add some umph colours or prints work well too. While it isn’t a hard rule I generally don’t wear black shoes with white pants. (Take this with a grain of salt as with any rule it can be broken). 
  5. White on white.  Wearing a monochromatic white looks amazing. It is a simple and effortlessly elegant. 
  6. Eat with caution! Avoid any dates with the following foods, spaghetti, red wine, and condiments. 

Oh hell scrap the last rule, enjoy life and life on the edge a little. Girl order that Marinara pasta!

Shirt: Forcast Clothing - Canberra Outlet 
Pants: Forcast Clothing - Canberra Outlet 
Bum Bag: TK Maxx - Canberra Outlet 
Shoes: Stylists own 

Photography: Shot by Sofia Polak, edits @wearefoundau

What's your favourite colour combo with white?


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