Tuesday, 1 October 2019

How to wear a tulle skirt and not look like a ballerina

My style is street, tom boy and urban. So naturally you wouldn’t think a tulle skirt would be me as it can’t get more feminine the that right!?


My girlfriend Corina texted me an image of this skirt when she went shopping saying “Babe, found this skirt it’s so you”.

I couldn’t agree with her more. Naturally I snuck out on my lunch break to the Canberra Outlet to pick it up.
Outfit details: Blazer - Vintage, Tee and sneakers TK Maxx, Skirt Adidas Store (Canberra Outlet) 
I think this is a clever design for a tulle skirt as it would normally incite feelings of softness, but the Adidas stripe it appeals to my sportluxe inclinations. I love the contradictions that this skirt presents. It’s simply perfect for me.

As NYC was on my mind (due to limited packing space) I had to think about the longevity and wearability of this skirt prior to purchasing. If I can imagine at least three outfits with the item it's already purchased :P .

Stylist note, the skirt didn’t come with lining so I paired it back with a fitted pencil skirt that I already own. I felt that with my hourglass figure it was important to highlight some shape to balance the flow of the skirt.

For the first look I have worked it with a playful tee-shirt, vintage blazer and spotsluxe sneakers.

For the second look I channelled a little bit of Marilyn Monroe with this white leotard. I've also added a pop of colour on my lips and with my clutch.

To spice it up further I have worn this skirt with some black full briefs and a crop top to the club
(hmm that's a good reminder I think I  need to bust that out for the NYC club scene).

So where do you stand on the tulle skirt? Is this a look you would try?

Photography: Sofia Polak


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