Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Date night styling

Sarafina styles an amazing date night look. 

Did someone say date night?

Ladies I understand that winter date nights consist of being indoors and being warm. But the weather shouldn’t stop you looking your best or keep you confined to your home. Here is an outfit that will have you feeling warm, and ready to brace the cold head on.

While most people tend to gravitate towards dark colours in Winter, I encourage you to not shy away from bold colours! When deciding on what colour to wear, be mindful of what’s complimentary to your skin tone and don’t be afraid to step away from black.

As a woman it is important to feel your best so do what makes you feel beautiful. The key is effortless, have one statement piece and everything else can be neutral. So that could be the dress, the shoes, bag, or even your coat.

This is the kind of look you can wear anything you want under it. You can wear your thickest pair of stockings or even a turtleneck for that extra warmth.

To pull the look together I added a bold lip, shimmery eyes, and nail polish. Not only does it elevate the outfit but it can be easily achieved. For me high-heel boots are an essential, as anything you can layer is ideal.

For warmer states this is the perfect date night look, all that is needed is a coat and a strappy heeled sandals.

Remember be fun and exciting, don’t let the weather rain on your parade.

|| Outfit break down ||
Boots || FSW 
Dress || Portmans - Canberra Outlet
Jacket || Forcast - Canberra Outlet 
Bag || Models Own 
Earrings || The Statement life 


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