Saturday, 27 July 2019

How to get salon hair at home? – we chat to Jazzi from KOVU

You know those fresh out of the salon hair feels? The ones that are so tricky to replicate out of salon? I did a bit of investigation to find out how to get it at home - keep reading to find out more! 

I chatted to Jazzi Bennett, my amazing hairdresser at KOVU. When I first started going to KOVU a few years ago, Jazzi had just recently moved to Canberra. Now fast forward a few years, Jazzi is now a senior stylist and manager at KOVU!

Evie: How did you get started as a hairdresser?
Jazzi: I started my hairdressing career when I was 16, I left school in year 11 to pursue my dream job and have never looked back!

Evie: What is your favourite part of being a hairdresser?
Jazzi: There is no better feeling than knowing you have boosted someone’s confidence and made them feel a million dollars! I love that we are constantly learning and educating others. Plus meeting all the amazing stylists and clients.

Evie: What hair advice would you give your younger self?
Jazzi: Don’t box colour your hair!! I had sooo many different haircuts and colours that looking back now are very questionable! When I started my apprenticeship my boss had to strip years’ worth of box colour build up! I thought it looked great at the time.

Evie: What's your tip to get salon washed hair feel at home?
Jazzi: Using professional products at home will give you guaranteed results. Always shampoo your hair twice to make sure it’s been cleaned properly. Washing your hair once isn’t enough to break down all the residue and product built up, especially if you haven’t washed your hair for a few days!

Evie: What do you recommend for regular gym-goers?
Jazzi: Dry shampoo is the Queen B of hair products (in my opinion). Spray on root area before heading to the gym as this helps absorb moisture and keeps your hair looking fresh. Hair perfumes are an option as well, along with a messy bun, sweat bands or embracing the dirty hair with a slicked back pony or bun.

Evie: What's the most common hair question you get?
Jazzi: This is a hard one! I get soo many different questions per day!
Q - How do I stop my hair going yellow?/stop colour fading?
A - Using professional products help with getting longevity from your colour. For blondes I always recommend a blonde shampoo paired with a high moisturising conditioner. For darker or brighter colours a shampoo and conditioner designed for colour care is recommended, my favourite brands are Evo, Theorie and Goldwell. For brighter colours a pigmented conditioner once a week.

Did you love this chat as much as I did? What was your fave tip from Jazzi?


Thursday, 25 July 2019

Winter jewels

There is no reason why we should shy away from colour in winter and my go-to palette would have to be jewelled tones. 

Jewelled tones are sapphire blue, ruby red, yellow topaz, deep purple and emerald green. It is my favourite colour palette as I find theses tones suit most skin tones and can be versatile throughout the different seasons but particularly flattering in Winter when we tend to wear darker colours.

I often recommend this palette for anyone trying to inject some colour into their wardrobe but that may be afraid of bright colour.

This emerald green coat from Portmans Canberra Outlet has been one of my favourite picks from the current season. I love that it is structured but beautifully tailored and the faux fur coat collar gives it a luxe feel.

To complement the emerald green, I teamed it up with this pleated wrap dress also from Portmans Canberra Outlet, with floral purple hues to complement the jewelled tones.

This coat though could honestly be thrown over anything for instant winter style and is the ultimate upgrade to the standard black winter coat - which I am sure every woman in Canberra owns!

The faux fur collar is detachable which makes this coat even more versatile to dress up or down.

How about you? Would you dare to replace your fave black coat with colour?

Styling and words by @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by @wearefoundau

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

That’s a wrap!

Evie wearing the classic wrap dress styled for Canberra's winter
The classic wrap dress has been around for years. The style rose to popularity in the 1970s with when Diane Von Furstenberg introduced us to stretchy fabric with bold and bright patterns.

What makes this style a great wardrobe investment is that it will flatter most shapes. A good wrap dress will create an illusion of a smaller waist and balance the bust line. They tend to also skim the hips which is ultra flattering and sliming.

My muse for the wrap dress was our girl Evie. For this styling challenge I wanted to illustrate how to style a ‘spring dress’ for winter.

As you know Evie tends to stick to monochromatic tones and plain fabrics, but I wanted to challenge her a little on this one. Instead of plain fabrics I opted to put her in this black and white polkadot wrap dress from Forcast clothing.

The dress was on sale (amazing), but let’s face it, Canberra is way too cold to be out there gallivanting in just a dress. Thus, I opted to layer it with a fitted skivvy and had her wear it with boots.

To add some further style elements I added a felt tan hat (which looked great with Evie’s skin tone and newly died hair) and drapped my fav faux leather jacket on her shoulders.

Overall, I love the look that I achieved on Evie. It is feminine and versatile. You could easily take this into spring by ditching the skivvy and boots, and opt for some killer heels.

I think Evie looked amazing what do you think?

Hat: Myer 
Jacket: Stylist's own from TK Maxx
Skivvy: Portmans (Canberra outlet)
Dress: Forcast clothing (Canberra outlet)

Images shot by Sarafina edited by Deejay. 


Thursday, 11 July 2019

You looked taller on tinder...

You looked taller on tinder... 
Unfortunately, like tinder sometimes clothing doesn’t meet your expectations. You know the feeling, you try it on in the store and it makes you feel special, one of a kind. Acting on impulse you swipe! 

Then you get home and reality hits. You go to wear that new garment and you realise you have nothing to pair it with!

Well my fellow shoppers you have just committed one of my cardinal sin styling tips "don’t buy an item of clothing without thinking about how you are going to style it". Like other areas in our life it should be in multiples.

Generally speaking, when I shop I’m already formulating outfit ideas in my mind incorporating the new piece.  The more looks I create in my mind directly correlates to the probability of me purchasing the item.

Take this skirt for example it’s a great investment piece. The classic a-line cut is something that won’t date (also it’s a bargain price as it is a sample at Cue at Canberra outlet). Leather is also a durable fabric AND I can wear it a number of ways.

For example to wear this causally I’ve paired it back with a printed tee and some sport luxe white sneakers.

To take it to the evening I elevated the look with some sequins and clashing leopard print heels.

Moving forward thinking about my long term relationship with this garment I know I could always pair it back with a fitted sweater and some pointy heels or even a silk camisole and high heel sandals. Honestly I could spit out ten outfits without even trying.

So next time you go shopping I want you to think about the long term commitment you are getting into. Get creative and think about what you can come up with. 

If it doesn’t flow naturally the item isn’t for you sis, I’m sorry to say but walk away.. swipe left!

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Dressy look
Top || Ivy Park
Shoes || Hand me downs from my favourite cousin 

Casual look
Jacket || Cooper St
Baker boy hat || Asos
T-shirt || Asos
Skirt || Cue/Veronika Maine Canberra Outlet
Sneakers || Tommy Hilfiger

Pics shot by @creationsofsarafina edited by@wearefoundau

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