Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Who What Wear: Boho meets sheike

Confession time. I’ve secretly been crushing on Sophia and her seemingly endless wardrobe. So it was time I pulled her aside and snapped her for the Fashion Vault.

Check out Sophia’s style and my Q&A with her

Deejay:  Tell me a bit about your outfit, why did you choose to be shot in this?
Sophia: I chose this outfit because it's who I felt like being that day. My wardrobe is so versatile it allows me to be anyone I want to be. I can't always explain it, I will just throw pieces together and be like, yeah, this is me today.

Deejay: Describe your style in three words:
Sophia: Normally my style is sheike, classic and a statement, but today it is boho and sheike.

Deejay: What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
Sophia: Bardot. It always has pieces that fit my style. Both work appropriate and weekend wear. If ever I need a last minute outfit, this is usually where I will find it.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Sophia: Too faced Lip Injection lip plumper from Mecca.

Deejay: Who’s your style icon?
Sophia: Nicki Minaj – I just love her wild outfits, although impractical for real life, it’s totally who I would channel if I were famous. She so bad ass. If I’m being more practical, then Blake Lively is my style icon.

Deejay: What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Sophia: My mum used to own a clothing store when I was younger and so everything I know is because of her. She would never let me wear what was cool when I was a kid and she would always say to me, ‘dress for your body, not because it’s in right now’ and honestly it’s the best advice, especially because I ended up being a curvy girl who needs to be more conscious and choose wisely. And my mum taught me how to do that. Because of her I can trick people into thinking I’m smaller than I am 😉.

|| Outfit breakdown || 

Hat: Brixton Mfg Co – Borrowed from my brother 😉
Jacket: Big W
T-shirt: Big W 
Skirt: Sheike
Boots: Mollini (current season)
Bag: Bardot (current season)

Check out more of Sophia's style on instagram. 

Images by @wearefoundau


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