Monday, 27 May 2019

Who What Wear - Green with fashion envy

Guess who's back at it with street style!? This week I got to catch up with the gorgeous Claire Mackey! Claire works for the National Gallery of Australia, is also a Uni student studying visual arts/painting. To add to this list she is also a rock climbing/yoga girl, model, and plant mother. I'm definitely a fan of her styling! I was green envy to find out this look is all second hand (again highlighting that you and look amazing for less!).

 Enjoy my mini shoot and style Q&A with Claire.

Deejay: Tell me about your outfit, why did you choose to wear this today?
Claire: I try to dress practically, my style is derived from function. In Canberra Autumn/winter, I need to dress for multiple climates and for the amount of walking I do, and pants do the job. They allow me to not worry about a skirt flying up in the cold wind. When working in the art studios at uni however, it’s super warm inside, especially when working with life models. So it can be a tricky balance to get right. I need a large jacket for the freezing outside, but be able to strip off to basically summer clothes for the indoors.

This look ended up being a bit editorial, with the mix of textures and colours. That seems to happen with me when organising shoots. The creative side of me takes over, I can’t help it!

Deejay:Describe your style in three words?
Claire: Practical, climate sensitive, limitless.

Deejay: What’s your favourite store in Canberra and why?
Claire: I can’t narrow it to one, but mainly second hand stores as a whole. I prefer giving unwanted clothing a new lease on life, and not getting caught up in brand names.

It makes me think of Shakespeare’s famous quote from Romeo + Juliette: ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.’

It highlights how associations with names can throw us and evoke a certain perception. How much does a (brand) name really mean? I can’t rationalise unquestioned love for something only because of a big brand name, or underrating something for its lack of ‘name’. Many times, I have found the quality of the ‘big brand name’ garment doesn’t match or live up to the supposed status of the label. That’s not to discredit all labels, but there are certainly some out there that don’t match the hype of the name.

Deejay: What’s one item that’s always in your handbag?
Claire: A multitool haha 😂. It’s handy to have as a ‘do it’ kind of person and an artist, because you never know when you’ll need some pliers, scissors, or a screw driver to help your colleague fix their glasses (true story).

Deejay: Who is your style icon?
Claire:  My mum, grandmothers, and sister. They have been a major style influence in my life.
Outside of family, I love @gabriellecaunesil, she seems like such a strong woman, who also doesn’t mind a vintage piece, embracing a multitude of styles from dainty to badass, and keeping my French language up to date. 🇫🇷

Deejay:What’s the best piece of fashion advice that has been shared with you?
Claire: ‘Bring a jacket so you’re warm’. - Mum

|| Outfit breakdown || 
This whole look is second hand <3 
Jacket: Material Pleasures, Fyshwick. 
Top: Facebook Marketplace. 
Pants: Preloved from my sister, altered for a perfect fit.
Belt: From a dress in my wardrobe.
Shoes: ‘Wittner’ preloved from Vinnies. 
Earrings: Old school ‘Diva’ jewellery.

Such a pleasure to shoot! Check out more of her fabulous style on instagram! 


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