Monday, 29 April 2019

Minimalist fashion shopping and my go-to pieces

I am not the most fashionable person in the world - I often prioritise comfort (if I could live in activewear I would)... but there are a few key go-to pieces I've been reaching for when I have been out of my activewear.

Before I tell you about these though, want to know some of the minimalist tips I use when deciding what to buy or keep in my wardrobe?

ONE | Only buy what you truly love (and will wear)  #mariekondo #konmari

TWO | Will it go with at least 2 other items in my wardrobe? (this is why my wardrobe is mostly black, white and neutrals!)

THREE | Can I wear this more than once? (I LOVE items that I can wear over and over again)

And now, for my current go-to pieces!

Denim jacket

This denim jacket has been my go-to jacket for a while now! It’s the only denim jacket I own (and have ever owned). It’s from Decjuba

One of my best friends has this jacket and I borrowed it once and fell in love! I can even wear it with my activewear (winning!) And it says ‘fearless’ on the back – such an awesome reminder right?!

White cropped tee

This white cropped tee has been great to pair with high waisted pants and skirts. This tee is from Zara. I’ve worn it with different pants - the benefit of neutral colours is that they are way more versatile!

High waisted pants/trousers

This pair of high waisted pants is from Petal + Pup. It's a nice light pair that I've been loving! High waisted pants can also be dressed up or down, and are also super comfy! 

Other items I'm currently loving

I’ve been reaching for black jumpsuits a lot! This one is from Zara. So versatile as you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Which item is your favourite? What is your go-to piece of clothing?


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