Thursday, 28 March 2019

Transeason threads

The in-between seasons can cause a lot of confusion and leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear. You wake up to cool mornings, so you want to dress for winter, yet you know by lunchtime you will be breaking in a sweat. 

The key to getting through the transeason is knowing how to rock a few key pieces that will give you loads of versatility and can be easily layered such as this vintage style coat. Obviously, it is perfect for winter and super classic so you will be able to wear it with anything to anywhere but because it's lightweight, it's also the perfect coat to get you through the transeason.

Have you got something similar in your wardrobe? If so pull it out and give it another life and if not - I suggest you invest!

It is the perfect style of jacket to help you get more out of your fave summer pieces such as this street-style worthy Ivy Park cropped tee from Platypus Canberra Outlet and cute leather mini, by layering it with a vintage style coat.

The statement boots not only take the look further and glam it up for a night out but are the perfect winter accessory to keep your legs warm and for a transeason look.

What are your secrets to transeason threads?

Words and styling by @sofiapolakstyle
Muse @creationsofsarafina
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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Meraki - Canberra's New Favourite Fashion Event: Street Style Stalkers And More

In English… Canberra’s new favourite event, which, according to founders Bianca Pavlic and Maryanne Irhia, is more than just a fashion show, ‘it’s a whole experience’.
Held at the Fitters Workshop, Fyshwick, Sunday 24th March, meraki delivered on everything it promised and more. 
The word ‘meraki’ is Greek for ‘something with heart’ and this event was anything but the lack of.
Think of every Canberra influencer, fashion enthusiast, beauty blogger and content creator in one space… Sharing, collaborating and bonding over this display of insta-worthy art.
From delicious grazing boards thanks to @localpresscafe, lux cakes from @laombrecreations, and fruity cocktails with @lentonbar tastebuds were sizzling all around the room. 
Let’s not forget those tasty cookies from @sicilianbiscuitcompany, sponsor's Suppeto Collective for their amazing support, beautiful florist arrangements thanks to and a photo wall that resembled the Greek gods themselves…  
The gorgeous models wowed in collections from local Canberra designers: @venusblooms @claudiathelabel @biancapavlic,thelabel & @gerhardus_harmannus
If you were unfortunate enough to miss the memo this time, scroll down and enjoy some of these delicious shots from the afternoon, thanks to the incredible @wearefoundau!!
The BEST street style from Meraki
Hansen & Gretel Pant and Suit jacket combo
The happy meeting point between masculinity and sophistication with a touch of minimalism and grandads check print.
Sarah Kelly 
Moschino Dress and Bag
Moschino, everything you need and more.
Eve Line
Kookai top and Zara Jeans
A minimalist look, soft colours, and comfortable!
Bethany Larsen
Dress by Bianca Pavlic
Sweet, fun and details.
Janette Wojtaszak
Lover dress and Valentino bag 
My obsession for white continues and because... Lover.
Mia Carr
Needle and Thread Skirt with Witchery shirt
Sarah Whiting and Claire Mackey
Fashion Nova, bodysuit and pants | Vintage skirt, Galleries Lafayette beret.
Cuteness on a budget, and restyling items she already owns! | Francais chic, vintage restyling
Stay tuned at @merakicbr for 2020, and book it in your diaries! 
Words by Bethany Larsen and Janette Wojtaszak
Photography by @wearefoundau

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Trend Inspo: How You Can Master The Jewellery Layering

It’s that time of year again where our Instagram feeds are talking about Coachella. Are you heading to Coachella? Or just want to feel as if you are heading over to celeb spot, get that Instagram shot, enjoy the music or just dress up.

We have compiled a how to on Jewellery Layering as we have predicted this is going to be a trend gracing your Instagram feeds for Coachella 2019. Even if you are not going you can include in your every day to get the most wear out of your jewellery. 

We spoke with creative director Jackie Damelian who is the founder of Jackie Mack Designs for some of her advice on how best to master the jewellery layering tends to ensure it looks effortless.

1. Choose 2 – 3 semi-fine pieces you love and 1 statement piece, for example with a pendant, shell or pearls.
2. Each piece should balance each other not over power, you want your pieces to complement one another.
3. For the neckline use different lengths of necklaces.
4. For the ear lobes use 1 statement earring followed 2 ear cuffs if you don’t have multiple piercings.
5. If have multiple ear lobe piercings, ensure you don’t overlap and put to many earrings in one area.
6. Have fun, be as creative as you want. Sometimes a subtle look that is balanced and cohesive creates a stand out look.

Celebrities such as Rhianna, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie and Kourtney Kardashian have also been known to mastered this trend. We hope you got some inspo and try the trend. I have been wearing it non stop! 

Do you love it as much as we do?!
Images from Getty Images

Friday, 22 March 2019

Wine Not the Brand is your new best friend

Millennials listen up! There is a new wine brand launching especially for you! Wine Not the Brand is officially being launched this Sunday and you won't want to miss out.

The brains behind the brand is the inspirational Kata Cser. This fearless woman knows a thing or two about building a business and brand and lucky for us, its that wisdom that has enabled Wine Not the brand to come into fruition.

Ahead of her launch, I sat down with Kata and asked her to share her pearls of wisdom and find out more about her journey.

1. Tell us about your latest business venture- wine not the brand. What inspired you to develop and create a wine brand?
Would it be ironic to say it started with the thought... wine not...? Having been in the network marketing industry in my first business for some years I had become associated with wine, as I was one of the few millennials in the company at that stage & did all my business meetings over wine as I felt awkward doing it the old fashioned way. I was getting tagged in so many wine-related memes, products, puns, and Facebook videos every day I just thought, wow, what if I had my own wine label? People already associate me with it, so wine not? 

Nothing happened for years, but then I moved to Bondi and happened to see a wine consultant on tinder. I swiped right knowing I was going to pitch him my idea. I explained to him that I felt there was no real millennial voice in wine - there was old, classic, expensive and boring, and there was cheap & tacky - but there didn't seem to be a solid brand that was classy, fun, sassy, well priced, and delicious. I went down a rabbit hole of research & found there really was no millennial brand - the market was wide open. 

3 years later, here we are. About to officially launch, and see where it takes us!

2. Who is the wine not the brand girl? Who did you have in mind when creating it?

Wine Not is for us - for you, and for me. I created the brand with myself and my friends in mind. Every step of the way I've asked myself "what would I choose? and what do we need?"  I'm really big on ethical business & I think the best ideas and solutions come from the people who truly live that life, and have those problems, every day. 

Wine Not the Brand is for the girl who works hard and plays hard. She's killing it in her career but goes through challenges like the rest of us. Wine for her isn't optional - it's a part of her life. She grabs a few bottles to sip throughout the week. She's always looking for the cute, fun, sassy labels that make her feel understood and seen. She wants good quality but doesn't care where the grapes are from or what a tannin is. She just wants to feel good, without breaking her budget because... adulting.

3. This isn’t your first business venture? Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey? 
I started my business journey 7 years ago in network marketing with a company called Arbonne. I learned how to operate an online business, how to find clients, how to talk to people, brand and market myself, expand into new countries, and learned about client retention, scheduling, goal setting and most importantly how to network & build a super solid mindset. I'm still with the company today & promote plant-based vegan skincare, makeup and nutrition products. A part of my role is also coaching and helping other women build businesses so I've been very fortunate to be exposed to a huge number of people over the last few years which has substantially helped me build really strong networks, and also get a good perspective of what people need. I'm even more fortunate to now be in a financial position where I don't have to work another job & can invest a massive portion of my pay into my other businesses. As well as have the freedom of time to be able to afford to invest my effort into growing Wine Not the Brand without sacrificing my lifestyle too much. 

4 years ago I saw a gap in the marketplace & felt like network marketing was getting a bit gross, desperate and salesy. I opened my second business - KATA the Brand, a consultancy with an online course, ebooks, and personal coaching. My focus and goal were to change the stigma of network marketing and help other consultants and companies run their businesses ethically and sustainably. I closed that business last year to focus on launching and growing Wine Not & also because the challenges I was facing to take it to the next level just weren't worth my time and effort at that stage of my life.

Over the years I've worked with business coaches, mindset coaches, mentors, have gone to courses, and read so many books - so I can thank every experience that's brought me to today. 

4. We all know starting a brand is not for the faint-hearted. What are some of the challenges you overcame and what surprised you the most when embarking on this business venture?

This sounds so ridiculous now with what I know and what I've been through... but I really thought it would be so much easier. Buy some wine, throw a label on it, sell it - how hard can it be? To be completely honest if I knew everything I would have to overcome to get to where I am today, I probably wouldn't have started at all. So I guess the saying ignorance is bliss may be somewhat true, and I'm so grateful I was ignorantly unaware and moved forward with belief. 

I actually wrote a list some time ago and found that for every 1 thing that had gone to plan over the last 3 years, 6 things had gone very very wrong. Some of these included our first wine distributor going bankrupt and disappearing overnight, wineries not wanting to work with me because they didn't believe in my vision of branding wine to appeal to the younger generation, everything being so much more expensive than I ever thought, and most companies only taking cash, and the fact that the wine industry has literally zero systems and it's every man (or label) for themselves. I also separated from my business partner which meant that I now had zero industry experience, networks, or knowledge so I got really really good at asking for help and googling. More recently I've entered a trademark legal battle, almost lost my entire stock to a heatwave, and found out I've been priced out of the retail industry due to my expenses being so ridiculously high because the timeframe I was given for production was completely off and I had to manually do every single step. 

So I guess when you say what went wrong...? Everything. But I'm so grateful to have learned these lessons at this very early stage as opposed to when we're a multi-million dollar company - which we 100% will be.

5. What is your business mantra? 

Progress is success.

6. What is your life mantra?

Your dreams are worth the effort.

7. Finally, what would be your one pearl of wisdom you would pass on to young women looking to undertake their own entrepreneurial journey? 

Get help from the beginning! Find anyone you can who's done what you want to do and take them to lunch, buy them coffee, pay for their coaching - whatever you need to get those magical nuggets of advice. You'll be surprised how many people will want to help you.

 Also be really careful who you trust, and if you're going into partnership get contracts done from the very beginning. It sounds nice to work with friends but when there's money, risk, and hard work on the line it's best just to do the smart thing and get everything in writing. 

Also... it's worth it. 
The woman you become from this journey will take your breath away. Don't hesitate, just act! Things will fall into place, just be persistent, patient, and believe in yourself with unbroken devotion.

Don't miss the Wine Not the brand launch which will be held this Sunday at Lennox Gardens, Canberra from 12pm - 7pm. Go to their Facebook page event to find out more.


Saturday, 9 March 2019

Meraki Canberra's newest fashion experience

Canberra has always had an appetite for fashion shows, and Maryanne and Bianca are preparing us a feast!

These local girl pals of ours are launching Meraki! Canberra's newest fashion experience hosted at the beautiful Fitters Workshop on Sunday 24th March from 1pm to 3:30pm.

The show will feature a number of local designer labels, grazing tables, drinks, pop up shop, nail bar, touch ups station, DJ, flower wall and more.

The shows theme is centred around a glamorous muted palette drawing on feelings of romance.

Maryanne’s and Bianca’s motivation behind the how was to create a platform for models, makeup artist and designers  are craving for. Speaking from personal experience I know too well that there are few platforms to express yourself. The girls are aiming to create an inclusive environment for the Canberra creative community.

“Events like these encourage collaboration, support and a chance for local talent to shine,’ said Maryanne.

Maryanne conducts herself with love and creativity on the daily basis with aligns to the name of the show. Meraki means to do something with love, creativity and soul.

Some of the local designers include:

  • Claudia the Label
  • Venus Blooms
  • Gerhardus Harmannus

So if you like us are craving some creative inspiration join Maryanne and Bianca for a fun show at Meraki.

“We aim to deliver an event that celebrates fashion and beauty. We have diversity in our models; all shapes and sizes so we’re hoping that this will encourage more women and men to break down the stigma of what it means to be a ‘model’. And lastly for others to live by Meraki in their everyday lives just like we do - to follow their passions and dreams,” said Maryanne.

Get your tickets now:

Ticket Inclusions:
VIP: Drink on arrival, Food, Goodie Bag, Table Service, Pop up shop discounts, Prime table seating
Front Row: Food, Pop up shop Discounts, Prime seating
Second Row: Food, Pop up shop Discounts, Prime seating
Standing: Food, Pop up shop Discounts
Venue: Fitters Workshop
Date: Sunday 24th March 2019
Time: 1pm - 3:30pm
Dress: Semi Formal


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

3 looks to try this Black Opal Stakes Day

The Autumn racing season has been officially launched by Flemington Victoria and is in full swing with race days being celebrated in Queensland, Tasmania and even Auckland.

Right here at home, in just a few days away, we will be celebrating Canberra's favourite race day - the John McGrath Auto Group Black Opal Stakes. You can expect a day of socialising, champagne, a few sneaky punts and of course fabulous fashion!

This race day will bring some of the best fashion thanks to the Canberra Outlet Fashions on the Field competition and the stakes are high with a trip to London up for grabs. To enter you must follow the criteria when planning your winning outfit, and every detail must be carefully considered, however, if you are not planning on entering but still want to make your mark we've put together 3 of our favourite looks to inspire your race wear style.

The Statement Dress - ladylike

I love a statement dress for the races and the silhouette is so perfect as the ladylike shape is always on trend for racewear. The brocade gives the dress the perfect amount of detail which is essential for race day dressing.

Dressing for the season is a must which is why I styled this dress with a pair of black suede points to take the dress from Spring/Summer to Autumn.

To balance the amazing shape of this dress, I accessorised with a simple rose gold and pearl headpiece to add a touch of elegance and glam but also to keep the look classic and suitable for day. 

Dressing up doesn't mean you should style your look as you would for an evening event so avoid cocktail wear and too much bling.

Autumn layers - edgy
Fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun! So why not be a little daring and experiment with your look for a day at the races. After all, racewear is about making a fashion statement but most importantly showcasing your individual style.

This dress caught my eye as it's THE perfect Autumn dress and I knew it needed a felt hat to achieve an edgy look.

Layering it with this tux style vest takes the edginess further and makes a statement by making this look unique and perfectly tailored to DJ's tomboyish and on-trend style.

Accessorising this look with a pair of white ankle boots complements the layering and again is perfect for the Autumn season.

Bold and colourful - classic

For racewear, you cannot go wrong with classic and of course colour.

Traditionally Black Opal Stakes was once true to its traditional black and white theme but modern racewear now embraces colour.

Orange is perfect for an Autumn race day and even though the tone is bright and summery, the style of dress is racewear perfection as it has a high collar, covered shoulders, a long hemline and the perfect amount of detail.

Given a bright colour is a little outside of my comfort zone, I styled this look with black to stay true to my individual style as well as accessorising my bag with a colourful silk scarf to tie the whole look together.

No matter what look you want to try for this year's Black Opal race day don't forget to pay attention to the details. This includes your hair and makeup, nail polish, accessories and shoes. Racewear is about dressing head-to-toe and most importantly about having fun and trying something new with your look! See you at the races! 
Dresses || CUE/ Canberra Outlet Centre 
All Headwear || Canberra Outlet Centre

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Photography by Daniela Jukic (DJ) @wearefoundau

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