Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How to get back into your health and wellness routine after a break

We enjoyed a relaxing holiday season here at The Fashion Vault. We spent lots of time with family, friends, ate a lot, and didn’t think about work too much! We hope you had a super relaxing break too!

Here are some simple tips to get back into your health and wellness routine after a break!

Outfit | Lululemon 
Shoes |  New Balance

Do something that you love

Do you have a hobby that you love but haven’t done for a while? Do you love getting outdoors to just enjoy the fresh air and soak in some sun? Do you love sunsets, but haven’t seen one in months? Have a think about what you love, then book in time with yourself to do it!

Move your body

Has it been a while since you moved your body and sweated? There are so many different ways to get some movement back into your body!
·   Walks, jog or run
·    At home workout, watching a YouTube video or using an app
·    Yoga or pilates class
·    Dance class
·    Martial arts
The possibilities are endless!

Nourish your soul

What is something that you haven’t done in a while that makes you feel energised, recharged and totally content? Find something that nourishes you. I love meditation, a soulful yoga class, and long chats with good friends.

(Credit: Charlie Murray)

Read a book

Do you have books that you’ve been wanting to read for ages? Reading a physical book, rather than looking at a screen (phone, tablet, TV) does wonders for your eyes and your soul!

Refuel with nourishing foods

The holidays are usually full of so many decadent treats! Treat your body a different way by eating nourishing foods. Eat lots of greens, fill up on fruits, veggies and as many non-processed foods as you can!

Smashed avo from Ona Manuka

Hydrate with lots of water

One of my non-negotiables is drinking 1L of water when I wake up in the morning! 

It hydrates your body after so many hours of sleep and just gets everything moving! I love to add some lemon or grapefruit essential oil to my water.

Here are some of my favourite wellness products to help me get back into routine! 

Products pictured
Lululemon block and mat
SEACRET body butter
doTERRA essential oils
Frank Green water bottle
Higher+Self crystals
Matcha Maiden matcha powder

What tips will you use to get back into your health and wellness routine??


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