Sunday, 13 January 2019

Designer nails at our fingertips thanks to new range by Canberra mum

We love meeting women who are driven by their passion to create locally and endeavour to share their passion with others. Anna O'Shea is a Canberra mum who specialisies in designer acrylic nails and has taken her love of nail beauty  to launch her own range of nail polish and cuticle oil. 
She has been doing nails for over a decade and today, is launching her first collection of polish in pretty pastels accompanied by a cuticle oil to keep nails beautiful, but also healthy and nourished.  
In the lead up to the launch, I sat down with Anna to find out a little bit more about her business.

SP: What is your career background?

AO: I have been doing nails on and off since 2001. Since moving to Canberra my passion for nails has flourished, I have a cert 2 in Nail technology and am a CND Master Architect.

SP: What inspired you to launch your own nail polish and cuticle oil range?

AO: I've always loved nail polish, there is a simplicity about it, it's something anyone can do and let their creative side out. I enjoy sharing others nail journeys and wanted to bring them a locally made polish with fun colours and new designs. Cuticle oil plays an important part in the care for your cuticles and natural nails, it nourishes and re hydrates your nails keeping them healthy. I believe that both products go hand in hand and wanted to design a complete nail package.

SP: Who is the woman behind Designer Nails by Anna O’Shea? 

AO: I am a mum to 3 boys a wife and a mermaid at heart, any spare moment I have you will find me at the coast with my family. 

SP:Which is your favourite colour from your new range and why? 

AO: My favourite colour in the new range is the teal green called 'Springtime', it's bright, fun and reminds me of the Italian Vespa colour. 

SP: Why is nail care important? 
AO: Nail care is important for 2 reasons, your nails protect your nail bed so looking after them properly will help to prevent breakage and splitting causing damage to your nail bed and also prevent infections to your nail and fingers. The other is cosmetic, it's nice to have well kept and neat nails because we use our hands for everything and the one thing I've noticed is that women feel more confident hen they have nice nails.
          SP: What are your top trends in nails this season? 
AO: While glitter will always remain a favourite, simple minimalist nails are definitely trending now, nails with a couple of accents featuring negative space designs, florals or geometric shapes. 

As part of the launch, Anna is offering our readers (you!) a special 15% discount of her new range. Just mention it in the comments on payment. Head to to get your fave colour and remember when you support local businesses someone does a happy dance! 
Make sure you follow Anna on Instagram - @designernails_by_annaoshea 

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