Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Superdry's big splash

With fresh designs inspired by vintage American styling and Japanese graphics Superdry has made a splash in  Canberra's market. Last week my girls and I attended the VIP grand opening of Canberra’s first flagship store in Canberra.

With 16 stores across the Australia, it’s great to see Canberra welcome this international brand.

The opening hosted the usual suspects from Canberra including, Bachelor star, Emily Dibden and fashion influencer Rita Narayan.

With good food, music and fashion what's not to love!

‘It’s great to see international brands like Superdry making the move to Canberra’, influencer, Riya Narayan. 

Personally, I am excited to see the winter range from Superdry. I’ve never really been a fan of the Kathmandu goose down jackets (for me they are too safe in terms of style).  Superdry offers me a a jacket that is a. warm enough for Canberra’s subzero/Antartica winters and b. matches my street style ethos.

Ye,s the jackets are higher on the price scale but they are made from quality duck down and weatherproofing. Withstanding 10,00 litres of water. It’s essentially a jacket to invest in for the years to come. I also think it would be awesome to wear for winter in NYC (*wink wink). 

While browsing the store I took some time to chat to the new store manager Alana about what Superdry brings to Canberra.

“Superdry brings an exclusive offer on ski gear, rainwear, catering to Canberra’s climate and of course casual wear”, said Alana.

Alana highlights that Superdry is modern street style and comfortable fashion. I’d have to agree with her on this. So much that I purchased a casual the white singlet with New York typography (yes I can hear you all say that's so typical of you).  

I also got a great compartmentalised weekender bag. There's Nothing like shopping with your girls, let's be honest  I'm easily influenced. While most people were huddled around the amazing spread of food I was asking... "Do I need this bag, can I justify this purchase? ". (The answer was yes) 
While we are indulging in summer fashion now, I had to ask Alana for an exclusive on what key trends we should except to see in store.

“Definitely the luxe tracksuits as well as our vintage style windcheater jackets”, explained Alana.

Thanks for the insider tip Alana, it sounds like a season thatI am going to enjoy. 

 Thanks for having us! 


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