Thursday, 27 December 2018

New Year outfit inspo

Walking out of 2018 like..

Can you believe it!? 2018 is almost over. It definitely has been a crazy year, but when I come to think of it so has most years. I think I have just gotten better at coping with the madness and busy schedule that I continually surround myself with.

Today I am sitting with my girlfriend Evie discussing 2019 goals. We are planning our finances, career, personal, health and wellbeing goals. I try to do this each to give me more of a sense of direction and focus. It's also super rewarding to do this with a friend. You keep each other accountable through the year and ask each other realistic questions like "how much do you want to be working", "do you really need to spend $100 on a gym each week that you don't really go to".

Evie also introduced me to this awesome blog. Michelle gives practical tips for 2019 planning. Check it out on Youtube. 

One thing I also love doing is planning my outfit for New Years. I am very much a planner particularly when I travel.  I am heading to Jervis Bay with a group of friends and essentially want to be a bit extra (because why the hell not!). New Years is a time where you can shine, and I am literally planning to do that.

This year I am opting to stand out (I hear some snickers because this is generally my styling ethos). I managed to score this amazing fitted sequin skirt from ASOS when they had 30% off. Staying true to my style I've paired it with something unexpected like an Adidas tee, and some killer ankle boots I got in NYC.

Alternatively this look is something I have have done with  strappy heels and a crop. What I love about this skirt is that I feel like I could also dress it up for a wedding with a silk camisole. While it isn't the most practical piece in my wardrobe it's something that makes me feel a little bit special when I wear it.

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Adidas teeshirt - Footlocker

White jacket - So old I can't event remember 
Sequin Skirt - Asos 
Boots - Zara
Earrings - Colette 
Bag - Collette 

What are you all getting up to in the New Year? Do you have your outfit sorted? If anything my best piece of styling advice for New Years is to be comfortable. It's generally a long day/night so just do you... in what ever outfit that might be.

Images shot by @creationsofsarafina


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