Tuesday, 18 December 2018

I wear the pants

I wear the pants! Yes that's right I am my own boss in life and how I present myself to the world. For this holidays season I am a fan of pants (partly due to my need to hide my knees from my stack this year #smh).

I think pants are a great option for Christmas parties and the festivities that come with this crazy time of the year. For me they provide freedom of movement on the dance floor. You think I am joking, but I am dead serious. I can not boogie in a skirt! Fact!
For this look I ventured into Portmans at the Canberra Outlet and found this boss matching set. Rather than pairing the pants back with a red, or white singlet I opted for the matching print top.

While this print comes in a jumpsuit cut, I felt that there is more versatility and longevity in getting pants and a top to mix and match with other items in my wardrobe.

It's funny though, growing up I was always led to believe that pink and red didn't work well together. However, now I love the punchy combination of the two. While I am not often drawn to florals I think the print works, the colours are bold and the floral gives a more feminine touch.

On that note I am curious do you have any fashion "rules" that play on your mind when you shop? Notions you picked up from god knows where and that you simply accept as true?

I'm really glad I have been able to move past mine with the red and pink colour clash, otherwise I would be missing out on this fabulous look.

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Singlet || Portmans Canberra Outlet 
Pants || Portmans Canberra Outlet 
Heels || Tony Bianco 
Bag || Colette by Colette Hayman

(Note I am definitely a fan of Portmans pants. I've created another look using their classic high waisted wide leg cut pants. I will be posting that look shortly). 

Image credits: Sarafina Manyang


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