Friday, 14 December 2018

How to BOSS your workout attire

Active and athleisure wear trend don't seem to be going anywhere and if anything, we are seeing more and more fashion labels reinventing the trend. As for us, we are certainly embracing it! We love to channel our individual styles through all aspects of our lifestyles, even when we're being active.

So of course we were so excited when we recieved an invite to play with Prettylitthing's latest active wear range. They use great fabrics which are perfect for the gym but also great for street making their pieces really versatile and super fun to dress up or down.


I have a super busy lifestyle but I try and keep fit as much as I can, by either going to the gym or a sneaking in a home workout.  In the past I wouldn't fuss too much about what I would wear whilst exercising but now, with so many options, I have been adding some nice pieces of activewear to my wardrobe. 

I must admit, I tend to wear my nicer activewear when I am not exercising but more on the days I feel like dressing down, like the weekends and definitely on the days  I am running around after my little one -firstly, because comfort is my priority and secondly, because I am moving around a lot and often outdoors. 

When it comes to activewear, I always pick pieces which reflect my personal style and love a great fitting pair of tights with unique panelling, a nice print or and edge of detail.

Like this black and white ensemble from prettylittlething as the pants are definitely street-worthy because of the detailing but also the fabric choice. They can be dressed up with a leather jacket or a cool sneaker or even a sporty sandal. 

The crop top is fun but normally I prefer to wear it under a mesh tee or an oversized singlet. I am also excited to wear it to the beach as a swimmer top as I absolutely love the back detailing.


Channelling my inner Ariana Grande right here! I have been working really hard at the gym and walking everyday. I finally feel like I can push my activewear choices and experiment a little. I have admired these types of styles worn by Kim Kardashian and Ariana. So my thinking is why not?! Especially if you can layer them!!

I'm so in love with this unitard from prettylittlething! In the future I will be layering it with baggy t-shirts or in winter a jumper and #slay. This detailed panelling is hitting me in all the right places giving me more of a waist. I actually wear this visor when I walk everyday - gotta keep those rays off my face.

If I'm catching up with the girls for a quick coffee, I could throw a leather jacket over it and BAM - some serious 'coffee drinking' attire.


We all know I am a fan of activewear and athleisure and I it’s not secret I love hitting the gym. My usual routines are split between, weights, boxing and HIIT workouts. However, motivation to train isn’t always there. So how do I stay motivated? One tip is to have a training buddy, another option as silly as it sounds is a new gym outfit. Yes,  I am one of those girls, but hey I embrace it and it makes me feel good so don’t judge.

While I normally train in tights I do opt for trackies on upper body weight days (shorts and me just don't work). These mesh trackies from prettylittlething caught my eye because I could see myself wearing them beyond the gym and casually.

In all aspects of my wardrobe I look for versatility and items that align with my personal style. The same goes with these crops. I’ve layered two crops to give the outfit a more punchier look. In terms of bust support it also makes sense.  I could also easily wear each of these crops under a mesh singlet for either the gym or a social outing. 

I will admit my life is also a little bit crazy. Working full time, running the blog, shooting for photography gigs and  attending social events, I tend to be a bit spontaneous with my movements.  That’s why I love this look. If I decided last minute to can the gym and go to an event instead, I simply have to change my shoes, add a leather jacket (or bomber) and a clutch and I am good to go.

What I love about today's fashion is that it gives use an opportunity to express yourself. Gym outfits today aren't a black set of tights with a basic tee anymore. We have so much more creativity.  

TFV xox
Words and photography by @wearefoundau @sofiapolakstyle @thestatementlife

Thanks to prettylittlething for spoiling us with these awesome looks!

How about you? Is acitvewear your thing?

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