Monday, 10 December 2018

Girls night at HerCanberra ACTIVE NIGHT

We are very lucky here in Canberra – we have so many health and fitness options to choose from! But, I know it can get a little overwhelming with so much choice! So HerCanberra has made it easier for us to try some of these with the HerCanberra ACTIVE Days and Nights! 

Ashleigh Went from HerCanberra has told us all about the upcoming ACTIVE Night! Keep reading to find out more! 

 Image by: Martin Ollman

What's on offer? 
Ashleigh: Every HerCanberra ACTIVE event is a little bit different – this one will be a mix of old favourites and new! The goal is to make sure that we have fun classes. Each class is 45 minutes! 

Kokoloco Dance Studio will be bringing a beginner’s twerk workshop!! It’s a dance style that’s all about booty! There will be a high energy warm-up and then we will learn choreography combining the movements!

Dance Central Canberra will be bringing a fierce Heels dance class! Bring your heels and learn moves to build strength, improve confidence and learn some awesome fierce dance moves! 

Club Lime will be bringing a Psycle Disco class - a spin class with a twist! It will be a powerful session of riding as a group in a dark disco-lit room! The workout will be high-intensity cardio, with rhythm-based choreography to a live DJ! 

What classes should we look forward to? 
Ashleigh: Everything! 

Image by: Martin Ollman

Why should people go to ACTIVE Night? 
Ashleigh: We started ACTIVE Day because it can be overwhelming in Canberra with so many different classes. It's an opportunity to get a taster of different things that you want to do down the track. ACTIVE Night is a night time version of the Day event, it always has a nice vibe. It’s a welcoming and fun! We have a good time together, meeting other like-minded individuals in the community! There will also be a live DJ at this event!! 

Who would be suitable to go to ACTIVE Night? 
Ashleigh: Anyone! The workouts will be appropriate for all levels and can be scalable to individual fitness levels.

Image by: Martin Ollman

Any additional info or advice? 
Ashleigh: I would recommend having some food before or after the workout! There are lots of vendors and food around the ANU Pop-Up.  

How do we buy tickets to ACTIVE Night? 
Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite (link:
If spots are available on the night, you are welcome to come and pay cash. 

How much are tickets?
Tickets are sold by class, $10 for the twerking workshop and heels dance class and $15 for spin disco. HerCanberra will provide a special gift for people who buy tickets and come for the whole ACTIVE Night! 

Image by: Martin Ollman

When| Friday, 14 December, 6pm - 9pm

What to bring?
Heels (for the heels dance class)
Water bottle

More information
on the Facebook event 

Have you been to a HerCanberra ACTIVE event before? 
I’m looking forward to this ACTIVE Night so much!! Hope to see you all there! 

Evie x

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