Saturday, 10 November 2018

Summer Style Inspo: Top Tips To Reinvent What You Already Own

Being a stylist and helping people makes me feel good. Sometimes people forget that there are simple things you can do to reinvent clothes you already own. I found this wide neck, light, flowy top from Portmans. Now I'm sure the purpose of this top was not to be worn off the shoulder like this but why not?!  When putting an outfit together, put your self in my shoes (a stylists perspective) and think about how else can I style (reinvent) what you have. It may be as simple as these three tips.

My Top 3 tips
1. Try it off the shoulder: If you own a top that has a wide neck, try shuffling it off to one shoulder or even both. Instant style attitude!
2. Show off some skin: Wrist-skin that is... If you wear a blazer, try rolling up your sleeves. This instantly creates an ultra chic look and changes your blazer from corporate to casual.
3. Tuck it: For an ultra chic look tuck your blouse, t-shirt or tank in the front of your pants. Watch how this instantly takes you to a more refined look. No worries if you want to keep it casual, leave it out and own it!
Sometimes all you have to do is think differently or think 'what would a stylist do'. Off you go, try 1, 2 or 3!
Words by Janette Wojtaszak @thestatementlife
Photography by @wearefoundau

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