Monday, 26 November 2018

Style Stalker : Music and me

Our style stalker for this week is Akol Dinning, local music producer and artist. Akol is known for his music and his love of fashion. With our girl Deejay shooting his style, I sat down with Akol to find out what inspires him. 

Q & A

Q:Who inspires you?

 A: Akol- My inspiration is more about the thought process involved. Most human beings are too earth minded in their thought and lack clarity in the way they think.  S W O T B T S , meaning some where out there beyond the skies is a thought process that extends beyond earthly limitations. This Is what I believe inspires me, my teams and partner. We all have this same way of of thinking so in a sense they are who inspire me.

Q: Describe your style in three words?

A: Akol- Comfortable, effortless, and edgy. 

Q: What advice would you give other in regards to developing their own style?

A: Akol- You must be comfortable wearing it. When you look great you feel confident and that’s definitely a key aspect to every outfit. Confidence is the key to pulling of a look!

Q: What’s your favourite store in Canberra?

 A: Akol- The Universal Store,  like S W O T B T S the outfit must match you’re thoughts, your own way of thinking. Whatever I'm thinking i know i can mostly find it in that store. 

Outfit Breakdown
Top: The Universal Store
Jeans: The Universal Store
Hat: The Universal Store
Jacket: The universal
Shoes: Hype


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