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Event Recap X Makeup Master’s Tips for a Better Version of You

If you haven’t noticed, makeup application is now a competitive sport. Your Insta feed full of contouring, baking, highlighting and razor-sharp cut-crease vids? Yep, mine too.
Clearly the stakes have changed. As we enter the warmer weather, with an increasing list of social events to attend, we all need to be bringing our makeup A-game. Enter professional makeup artist Nicole Thompson – AKA Pinky. Flamboyant, funny and friendly, Pinky shared her insider tips and techniques last week at the EDEN Beauty Masterclass at the Canberra Centre.
According to Pinky makeup application is about mimicking what you naturally look like – it’s still you, just a better versionAs compared with Insta artists, professional makeup artists have applied makeup to literally thousands of different faces, not just their own – meaning they know exactly what they’re talking about. 

Here’s what I learnt from Pinky’s Masterclass, so, you better listen up! Ace that base!
Say goodbye to your beauty blender – and hello to your hands, a beauty brush and layering.
If you want light and dewy, without greasy – yes! – then blend liquid illuminator into a matt foundation for your base. Using your hands to apply a first layer of this base warms the product making it easier to blend into your face. Then – using a fave product of Pinky’s – you want to spray your face with MAC Prep and Prime Fix – before moving to the next layer. A next layer can be applied with a beauty brush to those areas that need more coverage. Then another spray of the fix and another layer – but only put more foundation, where you need it!

You don’t want to powder your face immediately after you’ve just applied a moist base to your skin. Particularly where you use a matt foundation, you need to give it some time to do its thang and set a little on your skin. You come back to powdering your face once you’re ready to set and complete your look. In the meantime, you can move on to your brows and eyes.

Brilliant brows
In the words of Pinky – brows are sisters, not twins – and won’t ever look exactly the same; but she does have advice about to make them look their best.
Brush your brow hairs out of the way as you create the line of your brow. So, if you’re creating the line across the top of your brow, brush your brow downwards – yes, sounds weird, I know! This means hairs won’t get in the way as you create the line; and when you brush your brow back into place they look more natural – still on point! – but with less of a hard edge. Feathering your brow product on also ensures your brows look naturally polished.
Eye's looking at you kid
A tip for ensuring your eye look lasts the distance, spray a makeup fix on your brush, dip it in your eyeshadow then apply.

Also, for those of you who tilt your head when applying eye makeup – Pinky says – don’t! Unless of course you walk around with your head tilted on an angle. Look straight on into your mirror when applying your eye makeup. Pinky even recommends keeping your eye open whilst applying your crease colour – cause, let’s face it, you spend most of your day with your eyes open.
For a natural daytime look, sketch your eyeliner on, starting from the outside corner; but do not take it all the way across to the inner corner of your eye. You want to hug the natural shape of outer side of your eye (top and bottom) then take that line straight out (but not too far!) from where your upper and lower lashes meet. Check out Pinky’s pic (@pinkiiieee) of her model @kelsihedges to see what I mean.

For those of you who didn’t make it to Pinky’s masterclass, fear not!
*Pinky’s beauty book - ‘Making It Up’ – is released November. Perfect timing so you can look fabulous for those festive season events!

Words by Philippa Olrick and photography by Lydia Downe

Philippa Olrick and Ashley Cox
Emma Batchelor

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