Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Canberra Style File: Kristen Henry

Kristen Henry is the woman behind one of Canberra's favourite radio station, we know her voice and we know her style! 

Not only is she a radio presenter, she is an emcee, video reporter, Thoroughbred Park Ambassador and style influencer , she loves to share little insights into her life including her upcoming wedding and her amazing cake making skills. If you follow her on social media you will know Kristen as a warm, caring, social and vibrant personality which is extends to her style and amazing outfit choices.

Kristen's style is bright, bold, and colourful. She is always beautifully dressed from head-to-toe and always expresses her individuality through her style. 

Kristen's friend, fellow radio presenter and Thoroughbred Park ambassador interviewed Kristen to find out what inspires her style.

BL: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration? 

KH: I think inspiration comes from a range of different people, to keep yourself interested and on trend. Locally if you’re not following the style choices of Sarah Kelly you’re not living. What a local icon, there is a woman with sass who is the Queen of the statement piece. If you want a timeless inspiration you can’t go past Jackie Kennedy; chic yet simple, from her Channel suits to pillbox hats. On point.

BL: Favourite store in Canberra? 

LH: I don’t think you can be tied to a store or look – fashion inspirations comes from anywhere!

BL: Favourite Aussie designer? 

KH: Steven Khalil is designing my Wedding dress, so at the moment he and I are spending so much time together I think I’d get in trouble if I didn’t say him! He is beyond incredible. What a gift to be able to work with him and create a very important dress.

BL: Three words that represent your style? 
KH: Structured, bold, bright.

BL: How long have you been an ambassador for Thoroughbred Park? 
KH: 5 years.. It’s been a while! It is one of my most favourite things a raceday at Thoroughbred park, it combines my favourite things. Catching up with friends, fashion, and a champagne.

BL: As Thoroughbred Park's ambassador can you give us your racewear tips? 

KH: Bright, bold, make a statement. Go for it with your style choices – why not? Celebrate local designers and milliners too, Christine Waring is my go-to, but give Sovata or Cynthia Jones - Bryson a buzz. Amazing women leading the field nationally in headwear. shop local and buy local.

BL: Any last tips? 
KH: You only live once, don’t save things for a ‘rainy day’. If you’ve purchased that bright handbag, beautiful perfume or to die for little black dress..wear it! Enjoy it.

Beth xox

Words by Bethany Larsen @bethanygracelarsen
Photography by DJ @wearefoundau 

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