Saturday, 8 September 2018

Fitspo Masterclass || Libby Babet and the Buf Girls at Eden Canberra Centre

What better way to spend a Saturday morning, than to learn about health and wellness and then exercise with a group of amazing women! 

Last Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Libby Babet and attending Libby and the BUF Girls’ Fitspo Masterclass at EDEN, the health and wellness sanctuary at the Canberra Centre. Keep reading to hear more about the masterclass! 

Libby Babet started the masterclass with her truly inspiring story of her own health struggles. This life-changing event drove Libby to shift her mindset and life. This led Libby down a path of self-discovery, researching and learning all that she could about health, fitness and nutrition. 
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Through this lifestyle shift, Libby was able to heal her body and share her knowledge to inspire others to do the same. Libby distilled all of these lifestyle shifts into three main things that she valued in life, and created BUF Girls: 

Beautiful friendships – friends who provide support
Unstoppable bodies – healthy bodies 
Fearless mindsets – a mind that can take on anything 

Libby explained the importance of changing our life culture, which is the key to changing your life. When you realise what is important to you, when you are certain of your values, your vision and the reasons why you want to make a change, you can change your entire life culture. 

The first hour of the Fitspo Masterclass filled each and every one of us with so much inspiration and motivation. We learned so much about wellness, mindset, holistic health and nutrition. Some of my favourite learnings: 

  • Little actions add up to big habits
  • Replace ‘should’ with ‘want’ and add a because
  • Sugar is more addictive than cocaine
  • Getting at least 6 hours sleep is important! If you don’t, it means your body doesn’t create the right hormones
  • #walkaboutsunday – go out for a walk on Sunday. Create healthy habits 

The ABCC workout (Abs, Booty, CardioCrave) led by Sian and Cassey was a tough one! We sweated and worked hard! The most memorable exercise for me? ‘Squish the cockroach’! 

What are your favourite ways to spend Saturday mornings? 
What are your favourite exercises and healthy habits? 
Want to know what ‘squish the cockroach’ is? 

Let me know in the comments down below or at @eviekay! 

Evie xx

P.S. Libby was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Libby’s energy, kindness and passion radiated. And.. she came to Canberra for this masterclass 9 months pregnant! (HOW AMAZING!!!) 

For more information on Libby visit and for more information on the BUF Girls: Cassey Maynard and Sian Johnson visit

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