Friday, 28 September 2018

What to wear to Student Race Day Part 2: Kieren

Ahead of Student Race Day, which will be held on Friday (5 October) at Thoroughbred Park, I styled delightful ANU student Beth, and also had the pleasure of styling another ANU student, Kieren, who was also in need of some guidance for dressing for his very first Students Race Day.

 (Kieren, before his race day makeover)

When dressing for the races, it is important for the guys to suit up! And think attention to detail. Traditional race wear for men is a suit, shirt and tie - that's right, no jeans in sight! Accessories such as a pocket square, lapel pins, suspenders and of course a hat should be incorporated, particularly if you are looking to enter in Fashions of the Field. 

For Kieren's outfit, I headed straight to local menswear store Rodger Bartholomew for their expertise in fitting Kieren and to view their latest range of suiting for the new season.

Store Manager Chris, fitted Kieren and recommended this charcoal with a blue checker three piece suit which he only just got in stock. The suit was slim fit which suited Kieren's frame but also gave it a modern and youthful look perfect for Students Race Day.

I opted for a paisley blue tie to bring out the blue checkers and to add a pop of colour. Now, a hat is the preferred accessory for the races and is not complete without a flower. Thanks to Embassy Florist City Walk who customised this flower pin for Kieren's outfit. 

Now guys, if  you are considering a flower pin and you want to impress the Fashions of the Fields judges, make sure you check the official flower of the race day you are attending.

Don't forget, registrations for Students Race Day at Thoroughbred Park is from 12.30pm-2pm with the first heats from 3pm.

Words and styling by @sofiapolakstyle


Thursday, 27 September 2018

What to Wear to Student Race Day Part 1: Beth

Last week I had the pleasure of styling the lovely Beth who is a student at the ANU and getting ready for her first internship. She is attending the Students Race Day at Thoroughbred Park on Friday 5th October which is her very first race day. I met up with Beth and helped her put together 3 options for her race day outfit and gave her the 101 on race wear styling.

Students race day is a lot of fun but there is still a dress code to abide to when putting together your outfit but that still expresses your own individual style. If you're unsure of the guidelines check them out on Thorougbred Park's website. 

Beth was very open to colour and was happy to try different styles but wanted to keep things youthful and a little modern which is why we opted for a skirt and top combo.

(Beth before her Students Race Day makeover)

Beth instantly fell in love with this red skirt from ZARA and thought she would get a lot of wear out of it as it suited her personal style perfectly! So we teamed it up with a cropped lace top with a singlet underneath to make it appropriate for race wear. Beth is quite tall so she was showing a bit of skin, which normally should be avoided for the races, however, cropped tops are a current trend so she could get away with it so long as she wasn't planning on entering Fashions on The Field.

For head wear we opted for this cute red head scarf which really gave the look the youthful and playful look Beth was after. A head scarf is a really easy way to add a trend element to your outfit without having to invest in a whole new outfit. A pop of red lipstick would be perfect makeup feature and a pair of gold statement earrings would add a touch of glam. 

The second option we loved was this gold skirt which we teamed up with the same lace cropped top and we experimented with the turban look with a different head scarf. The straw box clutch adds another fun element to the look. 

The last look is classic spring race wear and perfect for day dressing yet this dress could be worn over and over again which stays true to one of my golden styling rules! Although Beth preferred the red skirt combo she would certainly look the part and turn heads in this more classic look. 

I can't wait to see all the fashion at Thoroughbred Park at Students Race Day. Don't forget, registrations for men and women's Fashions on the Field is from 12.30pm-2pm with the first heats from 3pm.

What do you think? Which is your favourite look?

Words and styling @sofiapolakstyle


Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Pretty in Pink this Spring

For someone who loves neutrals and mostly avoids colour - I am surprised to say that pink has been my new best friend.

In the last couple of seasons, pink has been going strong and the fad doesn't seem to be dying out so I have been gravitating towards all the pretty shades available. Musky, pastel and muted are my preferred shades and suit my style the most but there are some amazing bright fuschias out there which have also caught my eye, more so for special occasions or for statement accessories.

I am finding as I get older I am exploring colour a bit more as black can be a bit harsh for me when I am noticeably tired or on a day when I am wearing minimal or no makeup, therefore, have been turning to colour to help my skin glow. For me, pink can still be neutral and adds a touch of femininity to your look.

I have had my eye on this Portmans blazer for a while now and particularly love the style of it as it can be worn dressed up or down. The gold button detail adds a touch of glam and I love the cut - a subtle ode to the 90's power-woman style without being too boxy. 

I teamed it with a dusk pink leather skirt for a monochromatic look but would also look great with a pair of boyfriend jeans and cami.

Now this dress, I love! (can you tell by the smile on my face), and to be honest, a few months ago I probably wouldn't have considered it. But the muted tones and the floral print won me over. It's definitely one of those dresses which looks much better on rather than on the hanger. 

The fit was divine and the style is classic enough to be able to wear it to numerous occasions. I loved adding a pop of red with my shoes but a pair of gold or black would have worked just as well.

Even though the dress has a sheen to it, making it perfect for special occasions, the dress is cotton so you can get away with wearing it more casual - just chuck on a denim jacket or a cute pair of sneaks.

What do you think? Is pink your thing?

Words and styling by @sofiapolakstyle
Photography by @wearefoundau

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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Canberra's Newest Captures - Scott Leggo Gallery

We all love Canberra for the obvious reasons, the easy lifestyle, clean air, blue skies and the plethora of eateries and hipster cafes. But rarely do we mention its distinct quaint beauty which once it captures your heart, stays with you, no matter how far or wide you travel. No one captures our much-loved capital city's beauty quite like Scott Leggo.

Scott Leggo has been capturing our city's best and many other beautiful cities and landmarks around the world for over 10 years. His prints are beautifully detailed and bring out mother nature's best assets and showcase Scott's passion for the outdoors. His prints, which until recenlty have been selling exclusively online, are true works of art and are now exhibiting in his boutique gallery in Kingston.

The gallery is laid out so beautifully and as soon as you walk in, you can imagine his prints bringing colour into your home or if you're like me and love anything monochromatic or neutral, you will fall in love with Scott's crispy white captures of snowy landscapes. 

The man behind the lens - Scott, is quite the adventurer and a creative at heart yet his previous career of choice might surprise you like it surprised me. When I visited his gallery I just had to find out more about what inspired him to take the leap from corporate to creative and asked him to share his advice to anyone thinking of following his lead.

Scott Leggo Gallery - 45 Jardine Street, Kingston ACT

SP: You have been photographing and selling your prints online for several years now, what inspired you to transition into a gallery space?
SL:Having been an online business for over a decade, opening a gallery has always been an aspiration. As a photographer you always want people to see your photos as you intend them – in my case, printed large for people to experience on their wall. Equally, based on questions and feedback from customers and those interested in our products, my wife and I knew that many people wanted to experience our products first hand, and get the personalized help they need to choose what will work best for them in their home or workplace.  Creating the new gallery, where people can come in and see my photographs as they will look in their own home is part of our effort to create a better experience for our customers. We know that being able to see the prints in person, really helps with people’s decision on choosing wall art. Plus, now we have a physical space, we’ve been able to expand our product offering to include smaller gifts which people can easily come into the gallery and pick up for special events, birthdays, events and farewells etc. Based on the feedback we’ve received, it’s been the right move as everyone comes in says “these look even better in person than seeing them on your website”.

SP: You are a passionate photographer, however, your career background is quite a stark contrast from the creative business you now run. What made you make the jump and what advise would you give anyone thinking about making the same move?
SL:The short answer is I was in desperate need of a much better work-life balance and was looking for an ‘excuse’ to get out and about and get back to doing things I enjoyed rather than having my life dominated by work.  I have always had a passion and love of the outdoors and travel. Growing up I used to love the time I spent outdoors and over the years grew to love travel. Over a number years, a lot had fallen out of my life in terms what I actually enjoyed, replaced by work that increasingly offered little reward other than long hours and hectic travel. It all came to a head in 2006 and I decided that landscape photography would be a great ‘excuse’ for me to focus on reintroducing to my life the outdoor adventure activities I enjoyed as well as travel on my terms not that of my employer.  Ultimately I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could travel around to these great locations and photograph them and come back with great images to share with others that would look great on people’s walls.  That was the genesis of the idea, and why in many ways I’m not traditional in how I came to photography with no formal training or ‘art’ background and why I’ve never been interested in shooting weddings or portraits etc.

Scott Leggo Gallery, 45 Jardine Street, Kingston ACT

For those considering such a move, or any move into small business, I’d strongly encourage them to consider carefully the business aspects of what they’re thinking about doing. It’s easy to focus on the freedom and flexibility of effectively being your own boss and being unconstrained by the frustrating processes and bureaucracy that can come with working for the Government or a large corporate.  But the journey to your own small business isn't all smooth sailing. Making the move from the safety and security of a full-time job to step away and being solely reliant on a small business is a big move, and not without risk.  Moreso, when you have dependents. I’d be lying if I said it’s always been straightforward and easy. That said, it’s been very rewarding and a great learning experience when it does come together. I’ve had my fair share of business challenges and lessons learnt, but I do think that it’s part of business. It’s important to always be learning and continuously improving. I’m a big believer in the notion of test and adjust. This means being prepared to take some risks to trial and see what works. You have to however quickly move on when something isn't working and try something else. If my time in the Air Force taught me anything it’s in the value of planning and preparation and how this actually enables you to be more agile and flexible as the situation demands it. 

SP: Your photographs showcase some of Canberra’s most iconic and beautiful landmarks, what are some of the other places can we expect to see featured in your pieces?
SL:I have photos from every state of Australia, but the Australian Alps are one of my favourite locations. Consequently, I’ve got photographs captured of winter sunrises over Mount Kosciusko as the result of snow camping backcountry in the middle of winter. Despite my love of snow and the alps, there’s plenty of other photographs ranging from desert images from Central Australia and rainforest waterfalls. Of course, there’s also a collection from Canberra and region as well. Australia is such an incredibly diverse continent and it’s great to be able to showcase this not just in our online gallery but in person here in Canberra. There’s plenty more to explore however, so I’m constantly updating the collection with new and different photographs from around Australia.

Scott Leggo

SP: What is it about photography that makes you share your passion with others?
SL:The more I travel it’s hard to miss the impact of mankind on the state of the environment and the pressures that an ever-growing population place on our natural world. With a deep empathy for the natural world, it is my hope that my wilderness landscape images, in particular, convey in part what I feel very strongly about: that we need to preserve the few wild, untouched places remaining in the world and protect our precious wildlife and natural resources. Attempting to make a difference through my business is also important to me. It is my hope that not only can we build a standout Canberra business through our gallery in Kingston, but also showcase the beauty and diversity of Australia to a wide variety of people that may not yet have travelled to many of the places I have photographed. In this was way, and other activities, I hope our business can make a small but positive impact to the world we all live in.

My favourite print  (middle)- The Snow Gum by Scott Leggo

SP: Lastly, where can we find you?
SL:In-store: Scott Leggo Gallery, 45 Jardine Street, Kingston. We’re open 7 days a week. If you’re sitting in Green Square enjoying a coffee, breakfast or lunch we’re directly across the road!

Thanks to Scott for showing me around his gallery and to Social 9 for the invite.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

You've got $100 left before pay day

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our hot, top, picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre! 



Sunday, 16 September 2018

Style file: 3 Functions in 3 Days

For those who know me, you would know that it is no secret that I LOVE to socialise… You would also know though, that I can’t humanly do it unless it’s in style. With 3 huge events in the last week I decided to get creative and channel a different look for each occasion.

Day 1
This is one of the most prestigious events on the Canberra calendar. Held at the AIS this year, with a ‘Rock n Roll’ theme, it was hands down, the most outstanding ball I have attended yet in Canberra. Everything was extraordinary, from the huge decadent rings hanging from the ceiling, to the amazing performers, and Pauline Curuenavuli drawing almost every person to the dancefloor as she sang the house down. Most importantly, the event raised a total of $487,000, for the Cure for Cancer Foundation
I am a huge fan of hiring dresses. It is good for the environment, and let’s be honest, we only wear a statement dress once anyway. For this event, I opted for a Nookie gown, hired from One Night Stand Boutique. I am so obsessed with pink right now, so I jazzed it up with a pink clutch and these statement Wittner shoes.

Day 2
I love GIN! It is one of my favourite choices of liquor, and there is no better day than Sunday to cheat-day it up and indulge in some dessert-goodness. The Duxtonc ollaborated with the Gin Boutique to create a range of delicious cocktails, with one of the gins (Aviation Gin), actually owned by Ryan Gosling
This garden-themed event was the perfect opportunity to embrace the arrival of spring. I wore a girly playsuit from Showpo, some beige boots (also from Showpo), with my favourite piece of the entire outfit, a cute red and white polka-dot head scarf from Collette. Of course, I had to pair it with this edgy denim jacket from Pretty Little Thing 

Day 3
This is another huge event for Canberra each year as the Canberra Raiders players and their beautiful partners step-out in some of the most beautiful gowns. The likes of Mal Meningahimself, Jarrod CrokerRicky Stuart and more walked the red-carpet at this event. Congratulations to Josh Papalii who took home the Mal Meninga Medal for 2018.

Like always, I saved my best outfit for last!! This dress is everything to me. I loved wearing it so much that I wish I never put any pictures on Instagram so that I can wear it again at the next event I attend. I let the dress shine, by pairing it with some simple black studded earrings, a black Mimco clutch, and black Tony Bianco shoes. 

What do you guys think? Which is your favourite look?

Beth xox


Thursday, 13 September 2018

In Full Bloom: Spring Colours That Bring You Happiness

With Spring in full bloom and blossoms in sight. Spring is in the air and I am definitely on the look out for new dresses. Floral ones at that! I'm feeling girly, vibes with a touch of edge. My obsession with pink still hasn't surpassed. All of these bright colours make me feel alive and happy, instantly lifting my mood.
Not sure if you have walked in to Portman’s lately but they have the most amazing range of flirty dresses right now! I suggest keeping your denim close. If you are after an understated edgy look to pair back, this is an easy way you can do it. I customised this one with some iron ons and sewn on lace. I keep it in the car just incase.

You should try it sometime. Be bold, I dare you - choose a bright colour or print and see how it makes you feel?! It worked for me, feeling happy and bright.
Words by Janette Wojtaszak @thestatementlife
Photography by @wearefoundau

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Fitspo Masterclass || Libby Babet and the Buf Girls at Eden Canberra Centre

What better way to spend a Saturday morning, than to learn about health and wellness and then exercise with a group of amazing women! 

Last Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Libby Babet and attending Libby and the BUF Girls’ Fitspo Masterclass at EDEN, the health and wellness sanctuary at the Canberra Centre. Keep reading to hear more about the masterclass! 

Libby Babet started the masterclass with her truly inspiring story of her own health struggles. This life-changing event drove Libby to shift her mindset and life. This led Libby down a path of self-discovery, researching and learning all that she could about health, fitness and nutrition. 
Image source:

Through this lifestyle shift, Libby was able to heal her body and share her knowledge to inspire others to do the same. Libby distilled all of these lifestyle shifts into three main things that she valued in life, and created BUF Girls: 

Beautiful friendships – friends who provide support
Unstoppable bodies – healthy bodies 
Fearless mindsets – a mind that can take on anything 

Libby explained the importance of changing our life culture, which is the key to changing your life. When you realise what is important to you, when you are certain of your values, your vision and the reasons why you want to make a change, you can change your entire life culture. 

The first hour of the Fitspo Masterclass filled each and every one of us with so much inspiration and motivation. We learned so much about wellness, mindset, holistic health and nutrition. Some of my favourite learnings: 

  • Little actions add up to big habits
  • Replace ‘should’ with ‘want’ and add a because
  • Sugar is more addictive than cocaine
  • Getting at least 6 hours sleep is important! If you don’t, it means your body doesn’t create the right hormones
  • #walkaboutsunday – go out for a walk on Sunday. Create healthy habits 

The ABCC workout (Abs, Booty, CardioCrave) led by Sian and Cassey was a tough one! We sweated and worked hard! The most memorable exercise for me? ‘Squish the cockroach’! 

What are your favourite ways to spend Saturday mornings? 
What are your favourite exercises and healthy habits? 
Want to know what ‘squish the cockroach’ is? 

Let me know in the comments down below or at @eviekay! 

Evie xx

P.S. Libby was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Libby’s energy, kindness and passion radiated. And.. she came to Canberra for this masterclass 9 months pregnant! (HOW AMAZING!!!) 

For more information on Libby visit and for more information on the BUF Girls: Cassey Maynard and Sian Johnson visit

Friday, 7 September 2018

Year of Phat Panda

You know the deliciousness that you spend ages lining up for at the markets that come to Canberra once a year? I’m talking baos, puffles and fried anything?! Well you can now lineup any day of the week as many times as you please! 

Tucked in Southpoint Tuggeranong is your new favourite go-to for street food. For those who live in the city area, this place is most definitely worth the trek because true to their name their menu is PHAT with goodness. 

Luke is so full of energy and passion that it is so palpable and you can easily spend hours chatting to him about his business. He was told by many that it was a risk and a bad idea but he persevered and followed his dream.  He was heavily in the entire creative process from the name to designing to logo, to all of the wonderful menu changes. Speaking of the menu… 

Savoury: Fried chicken 
Sweet: Ice cream, chocolate sauce, hundreds & thousands 

So with these I tend to eat the filling so quickly and leave a large remainder of the cone last whoops. Both were equally as delicious and it’s good that there’s the option for whatever you feel like on the day. Couldn’t stop myself even if I tried! Can confirm I was very full by the end of it. 

Savoury: Fried Chicken with Sweet Chilli, Marinated Beef with Tangy Mango, Crispy Tofu with BBQ Hoisin Sauce. All Baos include: pickled carrot, purple cabbage & coriander 
Sweet: Build your own: Ice cream, Oreos, 

Baos are literally one of my favourite go-to foods so you can say that I’ve had my fair share. These did not disappoint. The bao itself folded nicely and did not break which is one thing I can’t stand, so the filling stayed inside nicely. Also a generous portion of filling ensured that the delicious flavours filled your mouth with each bite. With the ice cream one, it was the ice cream sandwich of my dreams. 

BBQ Pork Puff 
Not a curry puff, which is the common mistake here! With super tasty pork and warm and soft pastry, you will finish them and instantly order more (guilty)! 

Finger-lickin’ good! They are sticky, tasty and juicy! 

Crepes (Build your own) 
This concoction was loaded with goodness, mostly because I have the biggest sweet tooth. On mine I had ice cream, marshmallows, Oreos, hundreds & thousands, strawberry and chocolate sauce and chocolate sticks - phew! I highly recommend saying yes to everything too! The size of the crepe definitely makes this dessert filling and the colours and flavours help this be a perfect dessert! 

Luke you are a legend - be back soon! Oh would you look at the clock, it’s lunchtime - guess where I’m going…. 

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx 


Location: 175a/210 Anketell St, Greenway ACT 2900
Hours: 10:30am - 6pm Weekdays, 11am-4pm Weekends


Model Of The Moment Nicola Is Taking Canberra By Storm

Model of the moment Nicola, is taking Canberra by storm. In between back to back modelling shoots and running her blog, my gal pal spared a few minutes to talk to me in my apartment over a cheese board.

Who are you and where are you from?
I was born on Anzac Day in Darwin in the military! I moved to Canberra when I was 7 years old and started school at Girls Grammar. I lived in 10 houses growing up! I studied Double English in school. I also loved science, if I could do a second degree, I would go into Medicine!

So let’s talk fashion! What does a typical uni outfit look like?
Well I can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt that’s for sure! I need to wear something that’s uniquely me. If I don’t feel comfortable or look like crap then I can’t be efficient or get anything done.

How would you describe your style in general? 
Eccentric! I love mixing old, vintage pieces with new, modern staples. 

Also my colour palette is quite neutral - my favourite colour to wear is tan or camel. I would probably say I hate wearing black but if I’m being completely honest, I always incorporate that into my wardrobe. 

What are your Top 3 items that you can’t live without?
Blazers, shoes and a good jumper. 

Who’s your style icon? 
My Grandma, she’s my biggest influence. Gabby Burns from whoworewhat and Gigi Hadid. 

What’s your favourite accessory?
Watches for sure! I don’t really wear much jewellery but I love my watched and I have so many bands. 

Favourite and worst fashion trend? 
Probably vintage trousers, because I love trousers! 

So you have a blog, how did that start?
Well it’s a funny story! It started as an assignment in Florence when I was studying Communication, Media & Fashion. We had 3 minutes to pull a logo, name and blog page. So I created my blog, now known as Blonde & Co and was sent to Milan Fashion Week to write about it. So I did all this fashion stuff overseas and got back to Canberra and wanted to continue it. I did this really vulnerable video on my Insta stories one time and I didn’t realise I had an effect on people! I had people interacting and engaging with me more than ever before.

How fun! So what can we expect to find on it? 
My outtake on fashion trends, top picks on different seasons, different fashion events, travel and lately I’ve been into skincare. 

What’s your modelling story?
I saw a good friend walk in FASHFEST when I was young and hadn’t finished Year 12. I pretty much threw myself in the deep end and didn’t know what to expect when I gave it a go! I auditioned and cried and told my mum when I got in. After that I joined HAUS Models!  

Favourite model at the moment? 
Gigi Hadid, Steph Claire Smith and Brooke Hogan. 

Favourite designer at the moment? 
Balmain - I love the military look because I had that background growing up. I love Chanel - I’m a classic pearls and tweed jacket kind of girl. Closer to home I love Zara and Seed. Oh and Dior gowns - anything from Paris really! 

Words by Maryanne 
Photography by @wearefoundau 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

You've got $100 left before pay day

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our hot, top, picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre! 


Monday, 3 September 2018

Rules are made to be broken

In fashion, I believe there are no rules and the sky is the limit. Your creativity and thinking out of the box are your wings, so make sure you fly. 

I had so much fun putting this outfit together because it wasn’t planned,  it was a spare of the moment decision. As soon as I saw the vest I realised it could be worn differently other than corporate and I could have a little fun with it, so by buttoning up I turned it into a dress. 

To style, it I decide to sway toward more of an edgy look and achieved this by matching it with rose gold patent metallic over-the-knee boots. The boots being metallic were the perfect addition and to polish the look I added a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only useful for protecting you from UV this season but also to make a statemente. When picking a pair for your face make sure the style is right for your face shape, because this can make or break your look.

Vest: Cue || Canberra Outlet
Shades: Lost Vintage
Boots: stylist own

When you see something that might need a little life styled back into it... don't hesitate! Have fun with your look and don't be concerned with rules. After all, in fashion and style, rules are made to be broken.

Sarafina xox

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