Monday, 13 August 2018

Style Stalker - More than numbers

When I met Hairul and Ricky I was surprised to find out that they were accountants. Yes, it’s a broad generalisation but for accountants I pictured real straighty 180 types but these guys were a little bit quirky and full of personality.

Totally my kind of people!

Hariul and Ricky from Benchmarc Financial Group

Hariul, or Harry/H as most people would call him is a fan of suits but doesn’t wear one every day.

‘Generally speaking I will suit up when I’m meeting key stakeholders or clients, but normally we dress down for a more casual look’.

Chinos are a good go to item, and it’s something Harry can’t live without in his wardrobe.
Harry’s look is from sourced from MJ Bale as he likes the style and cuts that this brand offers.

‘MJ Bale works for me because it is modern and contemporary and it’s aimed at the younger man.’

Harry’s looks up to the OG Tyson Beckford as a style icon, as his look is timeless.

Like Harry, Ricky’s three piece suit is also from MJ Bale.

‘I’m with Harry I like shopping there because it’s made for the younger man, as opposed to other stores. MJ suits are cut for a slimmer figure and gives you that finer look,’ said Ricky.

‘In our profession it’s nice to meet clients and look nice without looking too pretentious. I really like the younger style suits, that’s the sort of client we are also trying to attract so they like seeing that.’

Other thank MJ Bale Ricky recommends shopping at CountryRoad for causal looks and Hugo Boss for a special occasion.

Ricky’s fashion advice that has stuck with him over the years is don’t wear jeans and sneakers, you are not Jerry Seinfeld.

Photography: Patina for @wearefoundau


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