Friday, 10 August 2018

Byron Bay-be: Not Your General Cafe

Byron Bay General Store, is not a general store -  it’s a cafe, and there’s nothing ordinary about it! 

It’s quite spacious with the cutest outdoor seats complete with comfy seats as well as indoor. Did I forget to mention an Insta worthy wall? This sought after wall has customers lining up from as early as 6:30am in the morning! The customer service is incredible and quick; with jokes being cracked left and right, providing an atmosphere which is laid back and pleasant. 

Let’s get straight to the dishes:

The Aussie Burger
House made beef pattie, fresh grilled pineapple ring, fried free range egg sunny side-up, beetroot Relish, cheddar cheese and aioli on an organic bread social bun.
I need a moment to talk about these buns, hun. Two words: so soft. Ok moving on. This burger is filling. The pattie is juicy, the servings of the pineapple and beetroot are large; and the aioli is the topping on the cake to complete a burger which needs to be tried by every Australian. 

Pitaya Bowl & Smoothie
Organic dragon-fruit, banana and mango blended with coconut water
This is summer in a bowl. I was transported to tropical, warm and sunny days whilst eating this. I loved the combination of these fruits is intoxicating, it’s hard to go wrong with mango in anything! The size is deceivingly large and you are left feeling very content afterwards. 

Beef Brisket Burger 
This was a new item on their menu and should definitely stay. It was so tender, flavoursome & soft. There was also the right amount of brisket, enough to fill the buns without it spilling messily on the sides. 

Classic Acai Smoothie 
Organic Acai, blueberries and banana blended with coconut water
If you’re on the go or want the freshness and sweetness of the acai whilst also getting something savoury, then this is the perfect drink for you. The size is generous and definitely worth the money. The ratio of the ingredients is just right, creating a smooth and delicious blend. 

Put this at the top of your bucket list if you’re ever in Byron! The vibes, the people & most importantly the food encompasses everything that you can expect and much more! 

Chelsea, thank you so much for having me!


Address: The General Store, 26 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay, Australia
Phone: (02) 6680 9236

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx 

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