Friday, 13 July 2018

Zap to Zaab!

How good is street food? Like real authentic, Asian cuisine? Zaab executes the delivery,
presentation and flavours perfectly! For those wondering: Zaab has two different meanings in two
different languages. In Lao it means delicious food and in Thai it means extra spicy, sour, sweet
and salty. It’s safe to say that the food lives up to its name.
I was treated to a wonderful spread and always try different dishes every time but my absolute
standouts are:

Pad Thai
Thin rice noodles, tofu, egg. Bean sprouts, tamarind sauce (chicken, prawn or vegetarian)
Forget everything you know about Pad Thai because this is next level. The serving is large and
plentiful. The flavours compliment each other. I’ve tried the chicken and the ratio of meat to
noodles is just right.

Deep- fried whole barramundi topped with stir- fried chilli and vegetable (z)(g)
The most colourful dish I have ever seen! The stir fried vegetables add a nice subtle crunch when
paired with the fish which provides and there is the novelty aspect where you try to pull the fish off
of the bone. Definitely one for a few people!
Chicken Satay Sticks
These are finger licking good. Every area of the juicy chicken is covered in tasty satay sauce. I
wish the quantity that they came in were more. Oh well, guess I’ll just get multiple rounds.
Crying Tiger
Medium rare grilled beef, thai herbs & dressing
So my spice tolerance is low, embarrassingly low. This dish is more on the medium spice side. I
bear the spice because this dish is that good!! It is tender and is dressed in a beautiful combination
of flavours that someone with a zero tolerance of spice would devour this dish.
Also their cocktail and dessert collection is absolutely divine!! It is always a pleasure to see the
manager Becky and I am always welcomed with open arms!

Be back soon!

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx

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