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Cold hard facts -Cryotherapy at the Wellness Empowerment Collective

Cryotherapy isn’t something I have known much about. To be honest looking at it all that comes to mind was Austin Powers (yeah baby). Walking willingly into a chamber that is cooled as low as -160c seemed a little bit crazy to me.

Thus like any of us not knowing about something I googled it. What I found was clear that over the years it has gained popularity amongst elite athletes. There is research to support that whole-body cryotherapy, an extreme-cold treatment that proponents speed in recovery, reduce injuries, increase energy and improve sleep. There is also studies to show that it can burn calories, improve our skin and make us happier.

I’ve recently started playing outdoor soccer so clearly I fall into that elite athlete category.
 Me prior to getting into the cryotherapy chamber... looking a bit apprehensive
The Wellness Empowerment Clinic at Lyneham offers a number of treatments including Cryotherapy. So I thought why not give it a go, having nothing to loose. 

When I chatted to Ebony the founder  of The Wellness Empowerment Clinic she enlightened me further on the treatment.

‘Cryotherapy increases "feel-good" neurotransmitters like norepinepherine, and decreases stress hormones such as cortisol. Our cryosauna in particular has been studied for its effect on increasing neural connectivity and decreasing effects of vascular dementia as it's the only cryosauna on the market to treat the head and neck,’ explained Ebony.

'It reduces collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen. Collagen is critical to our bones, cartilage, skin and tendons, thus having more of it in the body allows for smoother skin, easier movement, and stronger bones.'

So to put it simply the benefits are:
ü  Smooth Skin (less wrinkles and cellulite)
ü  Better mood
ü  Burns 800 calories/session
ü  Decreases Inflammation and body pain

What does it involve exactly?
There was no backing out now as Ebony walked me to the chambers. I was instructed to take off all my jewellery, and don a crop, booty shorts, gloves and some kneed high socks and uggs. Ebony assured me the 2-3 minute session wouldn’t feel like I was standing starkers on a ski field.

I wasn’t exactly convinced.

Ebony kitting me out for the experience. (Totally blind too as I had to remove my glasses mental note wear contacts next time)

Walking into the chambers I thought for a moment I would feel weird about being in an enclosed space. However, there is a glass window to look out through and I got to choose my favourite jam by Beyoncé to be blasted through the internal speakers.

The machine whirred into life and the liquid nitrogen cooled the air as low as -160c. I can’t exactly describe it, it was cold, but not the kind of cold experienced during winter. I think it's called a dry cold. You do find your self watching the clock a little but it totally bearable. Noting the initial treatment is also shorter, the more you go the more they can increase the duration. 
I'm alive, we walking out of the chambers feeling like I was just in a sci-fi film

Cold hard facts

As I put my clothes back on the smile on my face started to appear. I went on to go to dinner and the theatre with my girlfriends that evening and I was on a natural high. It was actually ridiculous. I couldn’t help but feel bubbly and smiley. My friends were asking me what had I taken because I was so happy. Now I am no scientist but I am drawing a direct correlation between my treatment and my mood. My energy and happiness was of the charts and I slept so well that night. My hip pain also seemed to dull but I would say the major benefit for me was my mood and my sleep.

and the smiles started almost immediately...


Would I do it again? Yes, I think I would be looking at cryotherapy when I am going through a hard time with stress and sleep. It seemed to have the most effect on my mood something that I truly value. I think this is the kind of treatment I would book when going through periods of transition. 

The next thing I booked in at the Wellness Empowerment clinic was crystal healing (I am a bit of a gypsy soul so I wanted to try it). This post is going to be a hard one to articulate but I'd love to share my experience with our open minded readers.

Want to know more about the Wellness Empowerment Clinic

Address: 196 Mouat St Level 1, National Hockey Centre, Lyneham ACT 2620
Phone: 0410 105 569

Opening hours: 


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