Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Why I got naked at work

Clothing: Portmas from Canberra Outletcentre
Bag: TK Maxx

It’s no secret I love a good jumpsuit. Once coveted as an ‘exotic’ item it’s snuck into normal wardrobe rotation for many women. I personally love wearing them to work, out or even to a wedding for something different.

With so many styles out there ranging from vintage, feminine to a power suit there is definitely one out there to suit your style personality and body shape.

 Maryanne wearing a boho style jumpsuit from TK Maxx from the Canberra Outlet Centre. 

Pros for wearing a jumpsuit

  • They are flattering. When you find the right cut they can accentuate all the right parts, such as your waist, bust or booty.
  • They are an all-in-one solution. You don’t need to think much about styling and pairing it back with other pieces of clothing. Usually you just need to decide on shoes, accessories and if you need a jacket. 
  • They add a point of difference. When your going to a special event I think it’s a nice feeling to know you’re one of the few rocking a jumpsuit when everyone else is wearing a ‘safe’ dress.

Jannette is snapped rocking a neutral corporate appropriate jumpsuit from Forcast Clothing at the Canberra Outlet Centre paired back with a faux fur and jumper from TK Maxx. Shoes and bag stylists own. 

Cons for wearing a jumpsuit

Trial and error with fitting! I find that it takes a little bit longer to find the right fit because we are all shaped so differently. Nothing worse than trying a bombass jumpsuit and for it to be too short in the body giving you a camel toe. I also find short playsuits hard to find because I prefer a longer length, so that half my culo isn't hanging out. 

I do promise you though, persevere with those awkward change room moments because it’s worth it once you find the right one. 

This next point explains my post title. Yes, there is the whole bathroom issue to contemplate. My male friends find it amusing how long it can take me to go to the bathroom when wearing a jumpsuit. What they don’t understand is you essentially are butt naked in that bathroom cubicle. 

The other day I layered a lace leotard under a jumpsuit… that is two layers I needed to remove in order to go to the loo. But realistically if you're looking at the time ratio of how fabulous you look vs how long you spent in the bathroom this is a small sacrifice worth making! 

The time I wore a lace leopard under a jumpsuit. Jumpsuit from Cue - Canberra outlet

This pretty much sums it up!

What's your view on the jumpsuit? Are you a fan or do you prefer to stick dresses or pants? 


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