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Meet Adam AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the year and Hair Expo finalist

Adam Ciaccia is a true visionary and a master of his craft. He started his hairdressing career as an apprentice at Axis Hairdressing where he is now Creative Director. His client list includes some of Canberra's most well-known faces and extends to regular salon visits from women travelling interstate to get an 'Adam cut'.

Adam knows hair and is passionate about making sure his clients look and feel their best when leaving his chair, but he is also passionate about education and  helping other hair stylists up-skill when they may not necessarily have access to further education. This inspired him to start his YouTube channel - HairTube which has led him to connect with thousands of hair stylists and has attracted over 86,000 subscribers.

In April, Adam was awarded the title of Australian Hair Fashion Awards  NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the year for the second time since winning this title back in 2012 with his very first awards entry and just last month was announced a finalist for the Hair Expo NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the year.

The Hair Expo finals will be held this weekend in Melbourne and if Adam is announced the winner, he will be the first person in the industry to have received both titles. We are keeping our fingers crossed for him this weekend however when chatting to Adam he assures me, his achievements are a result of hard work but most importantly a team effort and is incredibly proud and humbled by the people he works with, including his wife Michelle and sister Nicole.

Image from Adam's Hair Expo finalist collection: Photography David Mannah

Q1: Congratulations on winning the AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the year. This is the second time you have won this title. How did it feel winning for the second time and how have you evolved from the first time you won?

I guess it’s fair to say I have been on bit of a journey, the first photoshoot I ever did with my great mate and local photographer Jez Rozdarz, was an award winner and it’s probably fair to say it went to my head in the sense that creatively I was clouded by my ego. I found clarity in humility and six years later I find myself back in the winners circle. This award is a reflection of the quality of the team at Axis Hairdressing not just me, it’s important to mention that. These things are a team effort.

Q2: Just a few weeks after winning this award you were announced as a finalist for the Hair Expo NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the year – this must be your year! I understand if you are awarded the title you will be the first hairdresser to achieve this?

Yeah, after a tough 2017 personally and professionally 2018 looks like it could be the most significant in my career. Again, I have to stress that these achievements are a reflection of what Nicole, Michelle and the entire team at Axis Hairdressing represent, we are professional ethical hairdressers that want to be the best not just for ourselves but our clients. To be the undisputed NSW Hairdresser of the Year across both award bodies would be an incredible.

Image from Adam's Hair Expo finalist collection: Photography David Mannah

Q3: You have a very successful YouTube channel which is aimed to educate and connect with other hairdressers not only in Australia but around the world. What was the inspiration behind creating HairTube.

You can do everything for money in life, sometimes we need to do things for our soul, YouTube feeds my soul, by sharing I’m helping hairdressers to improve their skills and lives through hairdressing, I was confronted with a lot of criticism when I first started this in 2011, some saying I was making a mockery of the craft by giving my skills away for free;  today I’m proud to have the largest free online hair resource in the southern hemisphere and is ranked by YouTube in the top 50 in the world.

Q4: You produce collection after collection which represents your creative vision and artistic aesthetic. Can you tell us what a little bit about the creative process? How do you find the inspiration behind the concepts?

It’s sometimes hard for me to explain this. For me it’s always been about Adam as an artist and what story he wants to tell. Adam Ciaccia is a haircutter. My images contain no artificial hair, authenticity is very important to me, I try to show what can be done with just one pair of scissors and a comb.  Each collection is another chapter in the story of ‘Adam Ciaccia the Hairdresser’.

Image from Adam's Hair Expo finalist collection: Photography David Mannah

Q5: As Creative Director for Axis, what is next? Have you got any new projects in the works?

My priority at the moment is on the salon, looking after my staff and clients, we have some exciting news regarding Axis in the pipelines but I can’t say just yet, watch this space. I have a few trips to USA to look after my clients in Los Angeles, several shows and workshops for Matrix Australia and just finished launching a colour trend for Matrix Global with my wife Michelle called ‘Blushing Blondes’, which launches into 162 countries this week. The next project will be in London this October, I’ll be shooting my collection there this year, it’s going to be very special.

Q6: If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your younger apprentice self what would it be?

Don’t listen to the negative noise around you, set goals, stay healthy, don’t be materialistic, it makes you vulnerable; stay humble, be grateful and be empathetic to others.

Q7: What is your business mantra?

At Axis Hairdressing, we don’t look backwards, we keep moving forward, creating new ideas and putting them into practise because that’s what our clients expect it. Our salon leader’s curiosity for innovation and high standards continuously take us down new paths of personal and professional growth, keeping us relevant and motivated, Simply Axis.

Q8: What is your life mantra?

Have respect for yourself and others, deploy empathy when others are negative and seek to disrupt your passion or ambitions; Ego is bad, humility is good. Share your knowledge, its one way to immortality -Adam

Adam Ciaccia, Michelle Ciaccia, Nicole Dwight, Rachel Stephen, Rebecca Flask
I have been lucky to have had Adam do my hair for over 15 years and  have worked with him and the Axis crew on numerous hair collections. 

If you are after a change go and see him! I highly recommend him and the rest of the Axis team.

Good luck at Hair Expo Adam!

SP xo

Words by Sofia Polak


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