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Turn left onto milky lane

Image - Milky Lane FB

Heading to Sydney for the weekend? Our editor Maryanne gives you the down low on the Sydney’s burger joint Milky Lane.

Mily Lane (ML) has hosted the likes of Ed Sheeran, Post Malone and Will Sparks - so you better believe it’s good! As a humble restaurant that started in Bondi, it has now expanded all of Australia and is continuously growing. It’s the perfect venue for lunch, dinner or drinks!

Picture this: hip hop beats blasting through the speakers, colours adorning every surface top, friendly wait staff and the most mouth watering dishes you had ever laid your eyes upon.

In essence the place is jumping, the food is popping and the walls are eye catching. More importantly because of a wall dedicated to the Male Icons of Hip Hop History. In keeping with the theme, the menu is named after some of them.


Lil Weezy
Wagyu beef pattie, American cheddar, pickles, mustard, cheesy gravy & ML ketchup
This is your standard, go to beef burger. For those dining here for the first time, it’s a great burger to ease you into ML’s deliciousness. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the ingredients, it creates a delicious blend of flavours.  It’s a classic just like Lil Wayne’s tunes.

Milky Lane
Wagyu beef pattie, American cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Milky Lane special sauce & ML ketchup
Now you can’t go to Milky Lane, without trying the burger which was named after the restaurant? The extra ingredients, including the special sauce really takes this burger to the next level from your standard beef burger without it being too overly adventurous.

Big Poppa
Wagyu beef pattie, texan rub smoked beef brisket, maple smoked bacon, mac & cheese pattie, American cheddar, onions rings, pickles, bbq sauce, mustard, Milky Lane special sauce & ML ketchup
Named after the song by The Notorious B.I.G, the bar is already set pretty high. A meat lovers dream! To say it simply - the burger is monstrous. Anyone who is up for a challenge, this one is for you. I surprisingly did not feel sickly full afterwards, I thoroughly enjoyed and savoured every bite. Would definitely eat it again!


Mac & Cheese Croquettes
Bacon & four cheese macaroni with Milky Lane dipping sauce
Everyone loves Mac & Cheese, that’s a fact that you and I can’t deny. These are soft, tasty and compliment the dipping sauce perfectly.

*Special* Chips with Parmesan cheese
These should be a menu staple. Shoe string fries, generously salted and then drizzled in cheese. The fact that they’re thinly cut, makes it a perfect side to the large burgers. Alas, they are now off the menu. Excuse me whilst I go file a motion to rectify this travesty.

Thick shakes

If you know me, you know this is a staple. Chocolate is the OG thick shake/milkshake flavour but I’ve surprisingly had my share of watered down/dull flavoured drinks. This does not disappoint. Thick as can be, creamy consistency and rich in chocolate.

Salted Caramel
This is literally one of the best flavours ever created. So when I see this flavour anywhere, I order it - no hesitation, no questions. It’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of salted caramel thick shakes in my young life. Order it and you’ll see why you need to try it here.


*Special* Milky Lane Ferrero Rocher Egg
Milky Lane’s desserts have always been spectacular, creative and extravagant! Lovers of Ferrero Rocher, (or any chocolate for that matter) would of had the experience of dipping their spoon inside a large egg, and indulging in a creamy, blissful heaven.

What I would LOVE to see Milky Lane Bondi do is feature a wall of the Female Icons of Hip Hop and Rap!

Good luck choosing while you are there!


Location: 141 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia


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