Friday, 18 May 2018

Bare and Facing the Facts at the Wellness Empowerment Collective

I have always had tiny little veins around my mouth. Last week I got so bothered by them, that I decided to something about it so I booked myself in at Wellness Empowerment Collective in Lyneham.

The Wellness Empowerment Collective is a place where you can get a wholistic look at what is happening with you. If you're stressed you can float in a floatation tank, if you need some muscle relief try cryotherapy OR if you're need to brighten your face you can get a facial. Everyone needs to put as side some time for themselves, even if its a facial or massage.

As I discussed my concerns with nurse practitioner, Elissa O'Keef, she told me that even though I had capillaries that were visible, it might not be worth treating them. I asked her to tell me more...

That's the thing, after considering my options, I thought it wasn't worth coming back every 6 months to possibly get them treated again. Because the probability of them coming back was likely. I thought  about it and realised they didn't bother me THAT much. It would bother me if I had to keep coming back every 6 months to get them zapped (again and again).

So Elissa suggested laser rejuvenation and a peel. I was up for that and I was in need of a little boost.  A little cell renewal would be the next best thing. Coming into Autumn/Winter this treatment would be good idea and bring boost new cells.

I was really impressed that I wasn't sold on a treatment that didn't suit my needs. I felt like I was heard. I was coming in for a capillary treatment (which would of been high maintenance and time consuming). I walked out of there with bright glowing skin! Even better!

I felt pretty special - Elissa using the K Laser, the ONLY one of its kind in Australia (made in Italy).

My skin really needed that, I think it is really important to treat your face and d├ęcolletage to a little lurve. 

My skin felt hydrated and for the next few days my BB cream glided on like a dream. I will definitely go back. I loved that it was a breeze to get a park, plus it was FREE.

If you would like to learn more about Wellness Empowerment or book some time out for you visit.


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