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We be thrifting this AW18

Being a fashionista doesn't mean you have to be a slave to fast fashion. Yes we love fashion and yes we love to update our wardrobes with the arrival of every new season but are we being mindful of the impact of our shopping habits? (and not just to our wallets!)  

Fashionistas are becoming a lot more aware of the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment and how unsustainable the fast fashion cycle really is. Recent reports in the media have brought much needed attention to the amount of disposable fashion ending up in landfill and in-turn raising awareness of slow fashion.

As a stylist I've always been an advocate of slow fashion and making conscious fashion choices. I don't believe you need an overflowing wardrobe to be stylish and love to guide my personal styling clients to also make more mindful choices when shopping and in-turn avoid impulse fast fashion buys.

It makes me so pleased to see more and more fashionistas take a slow fashion approach and starting to add their local op-shop to their list of favourite shopping destinations. Me included! I've recently upped my thrifting game and have enjoyed browsing op-shops with the wonder of finding my next designer piece, a pair of great vintage levis or a classic glomesh clutch to freshen up my wardrobe.

I've been amazed at some of the pieces I have personally found but appreciate thrifting can seem a bit overwhelming for some. So when I was invited to style and produce the recent Canberra Show Autumn/Winter Showcase I took the opportunity to style all the looks from the runway exclusively from The Salvos.

The Salvos have 9 stores in the ACT and Monaro area but Co-Stylist Sarafina Manyang and I managed to pull all of our looks solely from their Fyshwick warehouse. 

We were so surprised with how spoilt for choice we were, thinking it was going to take several visits to a few of their stores to pull all the runway llooks- but no! We found so many great pieces we had to edit it back to 20 looks and categorise them under the following themes: On trend, 90's power dressing and racewear.

Model wears Christine Waring Millinery with dress and clutch from the Salvos

Sarafina and I wanted to pick out some of the cliche pieces you would expect to find at a thrift store and overlook such as an oversized shirt, tweed pair of pants, 80's leather jacket to demonstrate how these pieces can be styled for the current season and for any occasion.

The Salvos stores are doing an amazing job with curating their stock into 'Street Boutiques' and have stylists who can help their customers with picking the right garments and showing them how to style them into their wardrobe and helping to spread the message that taking a few small steps can make a big difference to minimise our contribution to the fast fashion cycle.

Have we inspired you to up your thrifting game? Try our top 5 tips:

1. Assess your wardrobe 

Asses your wardrobe and figure out what is missing. Do you need a feature top to update some of your staples or are you in need of classic white shirt? This will ensure you are hitting up your locals Salvos store with a guide of what you are after and avoid any overwhelm.

2. Be open minded

Perhaps the amazing blazer you just picked up is in great condition might be in need of some TLC. A little tailoring, a dry clean or a new button for it to look as good as new.

3. You can't go wrong with denim or leather or a glomesh clutch

If you are new to thrifting, looking for denim or leather is a great start! You really can't go wrong with picking garments in these materials as they really do keep their quality and always come in and out of fashion.

4. Try before you buy

This is non-negotiable. You MUST try on your thrfity finds because no matter how much you love them or how cheap they are if they don't fit you will NOT wear them will only contribute to an over-flowing wardrobe. 

5. Have fun with it

Go thrifting with a friend, make it fun! Try on something you remember your mum wearing just for fun and get those thrifting juices going.

How is your thrift game? Are you a seasoned-thrifter or a new-starter?

SP xox

Photography by Red Photography


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