Sunday, 18 March 2018

Come graze in the Meadow

Tucked in the cosy location of Odgar Lane sprinkled with pot plants and laid with brick, Meadow is a hidden treasure. It has a relaxed, casual feel which will whisk you away from the hustle of the city.

Colin the manager started a sustainable furniture business with his partner which explains the cafe’s culture around sustainability. The tables are pallets from his business, which he deliberately keeps at a low number so that everyone seated feel like they’re in a space of their own. He is hoping to evolve the cafe into a destination where people can purchase live produce. The name ‘Meadow’ stems from the aura in which it is a calming word.

The menu is vegetarian but designed for a non vegetarian which is excellent or else I might of been in a bit of a pickle! The menu encourages people to think about what they eat and to appreciate the environment we chose to dine in.

The chef Adrian with 4 years of chef experience in Canberra, is also an artist which explains all of the food’s exquisite presentation.

‘I strive to create dishes that are experimental and flavoursome,’ said Adrian.

Dish 1: Cheesecake Pancake
Madeleine w maple comb, cream cheese mousse, ginger nut crumble + sambucca berries

Dream combination. The cheesecake mousse spreads effortlessly onto the mini pancakes and the nut crumble provides a sweet crunch. It was almost too pretty to eat - the flowers and berries providing a touch of colour.

Dish 2: Thai Toast
Spiced french toast w parsnips, papaya, aubergine + sweet labne

I didn’t know what to expect with this dish but I was blow away. It has a subtle kick to it and is very filling. The presentation is mind blowing and delicate. This colourful dish is well balanced with the different textures and flavours.

Dish 3: Teriyaki Burger
Wild mushrooms, fried enoki, schallots, bok choi + sesame on brioche bun

As a burger enthusiast I was over the moon with this burger. There is no socially polite way to eat this, you just have to go for it. I promise you by the first bite you will forget that there’s sauce dripping down your face. The teriyaki flavouring on the soft bun with the vegetables makes for an enticing experience. It was hands down my favourite dish.

Dessert: French Apple Tart

Their desserts are constantly changing and are made in store. It was chewy and sticky, moist but firm, sweet but not overly. It was the cherry on my cake.

Massive thank you to the lovely Colin and Adrian for having me!

Open: MON-FRI 7-2.30, SAT-SUN 8-2.30

MI xo@maryanneirhia

Words and Photography By Maryanne xx


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