Friday, 30 March 2018


Arguably Canberra’s most prestigious annual ball, the Ronald McDonald House Canberra Charity Ball, was held Saturday night March 24 at the National Convention Centre and saw some of the most prominent people from Canberra’s corporate world in attendance. 
The annual gala ball, sponsored by Lexus of Canberra, is one of the charity’s biggest fundraisers and aims to help local families with sick children by providing a support network and place for families to stay while their children are seeking treatment.
The gala saw the likes of Allison Langdon, Channel nine’s 60-minute reporter and Today Show weekend host as the MC on the night, as well as, the likes of Ricki-Lee rocking it out on stage! 
Not only did the attendees reach deep into their pockets to help raise the optimistic goal of $400, 000, but they also looked incredible doing it.
Here are some of my favourite looks from the night.
The mix 106.3 breakfast announcer is no stranger to the Canberra fashion scene. As an ambassador for Canberra’s Thoroughbred Racecourse one could understand where she learnt to dress to impress. The burgundy red strapless dress is a statement in itself; matched with a stylish up-do, the same colour painted nails, and some dangle red earrings, her outfit looks complete. 

This stunner wins B.O.G for the night (Best On Ground). It takes great confidence to rock a pant-suit and the right accessories to dress-it-up. By combining the grey shades with bright red heels, red clutch, and red earrings, her outfit popped in all the right places. 
This incredible woman never fails to look anything else but classically beautiful. Her tight-fitted emerald green dress portrays her sophistication whilst showing off her incredible figure at the same time. My favourite part of her attire is her dangle gold earrings, which bring the outfit together and add an extra layer of spice. I hope she was dressed by a stylist for the night because if not she should be working in fashion not television.
Not to sound like a total egotist or to suggest that I was one of the best dressed on the night compared to some of the amazing women in attendance, but this is what I wore to the gala ball. My strategy was simple: let the dress be the statement. I complimented the bright melon flavour of my dress with gold stud earrings, a quirky gold clutch, and some strappy gold heels. The thing I loved most about this dress is that I felt great wearing it. At the end of the day what you wear is only half as important as how you feel wearing it because confidence in any outfit will show through. 

Beth xx

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Who what wear - Makeup and fashion guru

Over the weekend I caught up with Carly, local makeup artist and social work student.
'I would describe my style as an eclectic mix, a bit hippy, vintage and I guess it depends on how I feel on the day.'
Carly’s favourite fashion haunts include shopping overseas in Japan, while locally, she is a fan of Zara.
'When I shop I look for garments that fit well and if the price is right,' said Carly
As a local makeup artist Carly offers us some makeup tips for winter.
(Image from the Brandon Maxwell runway AW18)

'My winter makeup forecast is focused on the lip- wear rich hues. Having a moisturized base for lipstick is key. I recommend investing in the Mecca Cosmetica lip de luscious overnight treatment,” said Carly. 
I'm definitely keen to try the treatment and will have to share my thoughts on it (RRP $28.00). 

Xo Deejay (@wearefoudau)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

No bull - the longest wearing nail polish, I have ever worn! Tried and tested.

Sally Hansens new, Hard as Nails, Xtreme Wear LASTS! I swear to you, I would never lie. It has been tried an tested by me. Here are my pictures of proof.
From Lime Lights to Ruby Stilettos, the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear shade palette offers a range of colours that are upbeat, wearable and can reflect any style or mood. The trendy nail colour is combined with the benefits of shiny, long-wearing colour.

It is thanks to Sally Hansens microfine bioactive glass also bonds to the nails for shatterproof, shiny hard colour that resists chipping and peeling, and lasts up to 7 days.
This is 7 days of wear, you can see that the nail polish has grown out, as my nail has grown. There are no chips, I can’t believe it myself! Well done Sally Hansen, keep doing what your doing. You have cracked the code!!
Have you tried it? We would love to know your thoughts.

Janette XO 

Photography by wearefoundau, Deejay.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Who what wear - Sissa Sorella VIP opening night

Some street style snaps from the offical opening of Sissa Sorella.

Emma from @leiden.magazine

Gen from @thisisgenevieve_ +  Steph from @the_nameless_blog


Friday, 23 March 2018

The sisters behind Sissa Sorella

Ladies, get excited! There is a new shoe store in town brought to you by dynamic sister duo Kate Dawson and Kelly Zakharoff.  We were lucky enough to get an exclusive preview at their recent launch. We were treated to champagne, a grazing table and a seasonal showing which we all “ooed” and “ahhed” over.

Tucked away in Deakin shops, this shoe store is for the modern woman. There is something for everyone as the store boasts a vast range of shoe styles at affordable prices. The interior design is spectacular, with cute knick knacks scattered around including luxe rose gold telephones. Oh yeah, and have we mentioned the store itself is millennial pink? It also features a gorgeous moss green section which sits the most comfortable couch to rest your tooch on for when you’re trying on shoes. 

The store is also adorned with accessories such as statement earrings from our very own, Janette Wojtaszak and a gorgeous collection of bags. You come for the shoes, but you really stay for the company of Kate Dawson and Kelly Zakharoff, the amazingly talented managers. 

Kelly and Kate

We managed to get some one-on-one time with our new fave sisters to find out more about Sissa Sorella.

TFV: Where did the inspiration for the concept come from?
Kate: It came about organically, I was in the process of looking into different business options in hospitality and after thinking about it more I realised I was mad to want to do that again. 

Kelly decided she wanted to be a part of this journey. Baby pink lease was up and it was perfect timing.

We definitely agreed there was a big gap in the market for shoes in Canberra.

Kelly and I often will travel to Sydney or Melbourne and buy up 5 pairs at a time maybe twice a year and couldn’t find anything exciting or different that I loved.

TFV: When people walk in the store what can they expect to find?

Kelly: Lots of different things, that they won’t find in David jones or Myer. We have been very selective and making sure that we have tried everything on to for the fit. 

Our shoe styles are for a variety of age groups from 20 something pushing up to the 70s.

Kate: What is really important to us is service. Because I think if you go into other stores Canberra or Sydney it’s really hard to get good service. We want to make people feel comfortable and have a play with the shoes. That’s why the lounge is there. That is the best thing trying on shoe you get to see how they look. We don’t care if you try on ten and don’t get any.

Kate: We initially thought our target market was 25-50 but since opening our doors we have women pushing far beyond that age walking out with shoes such as rose gold boots.

Kelly: We are not aiming at the comfort shoe market or fast fashion, we wanted to have a nice collection of brands you can’t find in Canberra.

TFV: Tell us about the brands you curated for the store?

Kate:  Our favourite is Maya Mcwqueen. She is a Melbourne designer and makes all her shoes in poirtugual. We also have Zoe Zoe Kratzmann,and makes most of her shoes in Indonesia. As well as a number of other quality brands such as:

Senso, Spring Court, Django & Juilette, Nancy Bird, Mollini, Silent D, ZK Footwear, Department of Finery, Lokas, Lemon Jelly, Hispanitas, Zinda, and Alias Mae.

TFV: Describe your store in two words?

Kelly:  Homely, luxurious,

Kate:  Affordable and welcoming.

TFV: As successful business women what advice would you give?

Kate and Kelly:  You just have to be brave and take a risk. Do what makes you feel good, and do it because you are passionate about.

Thanks for a fab night ladies! Their slogan “shoe love is true love” could not be anymore accurate. 

TFV xox

Words by Maryanne Irhia and DJ xo
Photography by DJ and Sofia xo

Sofia Polak and Daniella Jukic


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Who What Wear - Sleek sports luxe

My style is synonymous sports luxe and street.  This week I wanted to share with you two of my favorite outfits drawing on sports luxe.

Influenced by the latest runways of Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci I went into the Canberra outlet with an idea of what I wanted to find.

It's also no secret that I’m having a moment with red, so naturally I gravitated towards these wide leg tracksuits with red detailing from TK Maxx. The stripes and wide leg elongates my legs. Plus for $24.95 how could I walk away? 

I opted for a strong slogan print tee from the Puma store. Due to it’s boxy cut I tied a knot to accentuate my waist a little more.

With Canberra’s weather being incredibly unpredictable at the moment I tend to pack a jacket with me just in case (even if it stays in the car).  For affordable denim options Cotton On is always a great go to.

|| Outfit breakdown ||
Jacket || Cotton On
Top || Puma Store
Pants || TK Maxx
Bag || YLS
Heels || Nine West

My next look was also from TK maxx. At under $30 these pants were a steal. I wanted to accentuate the white stripe so pulled out some unusual wedges I purchased years ago from Mollini. This sleek look was completed with a longline vest in check print, on trend for winter. I think a garment like this can be used in sports luxe looks but additionally it's something I can incorporate into my corporate wardrobe very easily.

Outfit breakdown 
Vest || TK Maxx 
Top || Asos 
Pants || TK Maxx
Heels || Mollini

Xo Deejay 
Pics by @sofiapolak edited by @wearefoundau


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

You've got $100 left before pay day! What to buy?!

This pay day post is all about treating yourself!

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre! They have great brands at great prices perfect for a EASTER treat before pay day.


Monday, 19 March 2018

We be thrifting this AW18

Being a fashionista doesn't mean you have to be a slave to fast fashion. Yes we love fashion and yes we love to update our wardrobes with the arrival of every new season but are we being mindful of the impact of our shopping habits? (and not just to our wallets!)  

Fashionistas are becoming a lot more aware of the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment and how unsustainable the fast fashion cycle really is. Recent reports in the media have brought much needed attention to the amount of disposable fashion ending up in landfill and in-turn raising awareness of slow fashion.

As a stylist I've always been an advocate of slow fashion and making conscious fashion choices. I don't believe you need an overflowing wardrobe to be stylish and love to guide my personal styling clients to also make more mindful choices when shopping and in-turn avoid impulse fast fashion buys.

It makes me so pleased to see more and more fashionistas take a slow fashion approach and starting to add their local op-shop to their list of favourite shopping destinations. Me included! I've recently upped my thrifting game and have enjoyed browsing op-shops with the wonder of finding my next designer piece, a pair of great vintage levis or a classic glomesh clutch to freshen up my wardrobe.

I've been amazed at some of the pieces I have personally found but appreciate thrifting can seem a bit overwhelming for some. So when I was invited to style and produce the recent Canberra Show Autumn/Winter Showcase I took the opportunity to style all the looks from the runway exclusively from The Salvos.

The Salvos have 9 stores in the ACT and Monaro area but Co-Stylist Sarafina Manyang and I managed to pull all of our looks solely from their Fyshwick warehouse. 

We were so surprised with how spoilt for choice we were, thinking it was going to take several visits to a few of their stores to pull all the runway llooks- but no! We found so many great pieces we had to edit it back to 20 looks and categorise them under the following themes: On trend, 90's power dressing and racewear.

Model wears Christine Waring Millinery with dress and clutch from the Salvos

Sarafina and I wanted to pick out some of the cliche pieces you would expect to find at a thrift store and overlook such as an oversized shirt, tweed pair of pants, 80's leather jacket to demonstrate how these pieces can be styled for the current season and for any occasion.

The Salvos stores are doing an amazing job with curating their stock into 'Street Boutiques' and have stylists who can help their customers with picking the right garments and showing them how to style them into their wardrobe and helping to spread the message that taking a few small steps can make a big difference to minimise our contribution to the fast fashion cycle.

Have we inspired you to up your thrifting game? Try our top 5 tips:

1. Assess your wardrobe 

Asses your wardrobe and figure out what is missing. Do you need a feature top to update some of your staples or are you in need of classic white shirt? This will ensure you are hitting up your locals Salvos store with a guide of what you are after and avoid any overwhelm.

2. Be open minded

Perhaps the amazing blazer you just picked up is in great condition might be in need of some TLC. A little tailoring, a dry clean or a new button for it to look as good as new.

3. You can't go wrong with denim or leather or a glomesh clutch

If you are new to thrifting, looking for denim or leather is a great start! You really can't go wrong with picking garments in these materials as they really do keep their quality and always come in and out of fashion.

4. Try before you buy

This is non-negotiable. You MUST try on your thrfity finds because no matter how much you love them or how cheap they are if they don't fit you will NOT wear them will only contribute to an over-flowing wardrobe. 

5. Have fun with it

Go thrifting with a friend, make it fun! Try on something you remember your mum wearing just for fun and get those thrifting juices going.

How is your thrift game? Are you a seasoned-thrifter or a new-starter?

SP xox

Photography by Red Photography


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Come graze in the Meadow

Tucked in the cosy location of Odgar Lane sprinkled with pot plants and laid with brick, Meadow is a hidden treasure. It has a relaxed, casual feel which will whisk you away from the hustle of the city.

Colin the manager started a sustainable furniture business with his partner which explains the cafe’s culture around sustainability. The tables are pallets from his business, which he deliberately keeps at a low number so that everyone seated feel like they’re in a space of their own. He is hoping to evolve the cafe into a destination where people can purchase live produce. The name ‘Meadow’ stems from the aura in which it is a calming word.

The menu is vegetarian but designed for a non vegetarian which is excellent or else I might of been in a bit of a pickle! The menu encourages people to think about what they eat and to appreciate the environment we chose to dine in.

The chef Adrian with 4 years of chef experience in Canberra, is also an artist which explains all of the food’s exquisite presentation.

‘I strive to create dishes that are experimental and flavoursome,’ said Adrian.

Dish 1: Cheesecake Pancake
Madeleine w maple comb, cream cheese mousse, ginger nut crumble + sambucca berries

Dream combination. The cheesecake mousse spreads effortlessly onto the mini pancakes and the nut crumble provides a sweet crunch. It was almost too pretty to eat - the flowers and berries providing a touch of colour.

Dish 2: Thai Toast
Spiced french toast w parsnips, papaya, aubergine + sweet labne

I didn’t know what to expect with this dish but I was blow away. It has a subtle kick to it and is very filling. The presentation is mind blowing and delicate. This colourful dish is well balanced with the different textures and flavours.

Dish 3: Teriyaki Burger
Wild mushrooms, fried enoki, schallots, bok choi + sesame on brioche bun

As a burger enthusiast I was over the moon with this burger. There is no socially polite way to eat this, you just have to go for it. I promise you by the first bite you will forget that there’s sauce dripping down your face. The teriyaki flavouring on the soft bun with the vegetables makes for an enticing experience. It was hands down my favourite dish.

Dessert: French Apple Tart

Their desserts are constantly changing and are made in store. It was chewy and sticky, moist but firm, sweet but not overly. It was the cherry on my cake.

Massive thank you to the lovely Colin and Adrian for having me!

Open: MON-FRI 7-2.30, SAT-SUN 8-2.30

MI xo@maryanneirhia

Words and Photography By Maryanne xx


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Who What Wear - Dress Designer to Impress

I styled stalked this gorgeous woman in the city. Isabel was shot wearing a sophisticated and practical  corporate look.
Isabel’s favourite online stores are Farfetch, Net-a-Porter and My Theresa.
'I like to invest in designer pieces, and shopping on these sites allows me to access to the latest style in Europe,' said Isabel. 
Loving this Saint Laurent tote.
'However, I also like to mix up my fashion with high street. For example, my go-to would be a Cotton On tee paired with a nice designer bag or shoes,' said Isabel.
The best piece of styling advice that Isabel has received is dress for your shape.
'For me, that is to emphasise my waist.'

Xo Deejay 

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