Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Style Curator: home sweet home of style

There are so many amazing women making their mark in business and we are fascinated to hear about their journey, challenges and what inspired them to take the entrepreneurial leap.

To kick off 2018 we have none other than the talented (and delightful) Gina from Style Curator who is a master of Interior Styling and can home decor like a boss.

We sat down with Gina to hear her #bossbabe story and to find out how she turned her #sidehustle to her #9to5.

TFV: How was style curator born?

Gina: I’ve always had a love of interiors but ended going down a career path of marketing… For a long time, I loved this work (and it set me up with the skillset I needed to create Style Curator) but when the creative freedom got sucked out of my job, I knew I needed to get moving on finding my ‘life passion’. Unfortunately trying to identify what that exactly is can be a challenge. Eventually I realised it was to do with the home and thought the obvious answer would be to start my own homeware boutique but without the capital to start, I looked at other options. That’s when I decided to combine my marketing/social media skills with interiors and start the blog.

TFV: When did you realise you were in the midst of something truly special?

Gina: From day 1 I put everything I had into SC and treated it like a business. Growing an authentic audience took time but once I had that, the rest just snowballed. I remember wanting to work with brands when I only had a couple of hundred monthly readers and they were like ‘Ummm, no. Come back to us later’, ha ha.

TFV: What has been one of the biggest challenges in owning your own business?

Gina: Definitely the juggling act - having to wear so many hats and decide where you’ll focus you’re attention. I’m never lacking ideas of what to do next… just time to get it all done! I’ve learnt I can’t do it all though and have slowly built up a team where I can delegate or outsource work that I’m not as good at or where I know it’s not worth my time.

TFV: What would you tell someone who is looking to quit their 9-5 to pursue their own blog?

Gina: Start a blog today, while you have your job. It’s easy to start a blog but not so easy to keep it going… If you still have the motivation to blog after work and during lunch breaks in 3 months, 6 months and 9 months time, then you know you’re onto something. In the meantime, you would have built up a blog that’s most likely already generating some income and you can look at trying to go part time to make a real go of it.

Also look for people you can collaborate with and learn from - the internet is a massive space and your peers shouldn’t be your competition.

TFV: How would you describe your signature style?

Gina: A little bit minimal, a little bit contemporary Australian, and a little bit luxe. I like to mix high and low end pieces to create a look I love but that’s achievable.

TFV: If you weren’t an interior stylist what else would you be doing?

Gina: Hmmm tough question. I definitely ran through a lot of ideas getting to this point, including becoming an author or freelance writer… I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else now though!

TFV: Where do you Style Curator in 5 years?

Gina: It’s hard to predict. I never would have thought I’d become an interior stylist, going into people’s homes helping them to style or colour consulting - yet this has become a large part of what I do now. The possibilities are pretty endless but one area I’d like to focus on is buying and renovating houses and sharing that experience through the blog.

TFV: IF you could only give one piece of business advice what would it be?

Gina: Do you. Don’t compare yourself to others or be influenced by what others are doing. The way you’ll succeed is by being true to who you are and focusing on that. It sounds so cliche but it’s true.

TFV: Tell us 3 things about yourself?

Gina: I’m a mum to a young boy Patrick and 90% of the time I’m in track pants playing at the playground with him. I love music. And I can barely cook to save my life.

TFV: Your life mantra?

Gina: Fake it til you make it

TFV: Your business mantra?

Gina: ‘The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who is going to stop me.’

Check out Gina's interior styling perfection at DIY inspo at: stylecurator.com.au and find her on Instagram @stylecuratorau and take part in her regular #stylecuratorchallenge.


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