Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Fearless Female - Networking event for boss babes!

I read a lot of inspirational and motivational books. Some of my favourites are the Alchemist and Grit! While digesting all these wonderful books one message that I have come across a lot is to surround yourself with like minded people if you are looking to be successful.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are a go getter and want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people that lift you! Working together you can support each other in realising your dreams and go further thank you had imagined.

This is where I need to share a group with you that I joined a while ago. The Fearless Female.
Ruth Marquez, a girlfriend of mine started this group last March. She hosts social events and workshops for women who want to meet new girlfriends that are on the same mission to fearlessly unleash the powerful woman inside while also expanding their social circle.

I do think as an adult it is harder to make friends. Back in the day, you could hand a child in the school yard your cupcake and you instantly become BFFs. As an adult it’s not always that easy (however I am pretty sure I would befriend someone who offered me free food). But back to serious talk. It is hard to push past your comfort zone and break into different social circles.
The Fearless Female group is a great way to connect to like-minded people. With over 600 member it's a really positive community to be a part of. 

Owner Ruth aims to ‘bring back focus and face any fears in the different areas of a woman’s life. The group encourages personal and business growth, self confidence and authentic connections.’

On our journey to our goals we sometimes need a push to move past our fear that has us paralysed. That voice in your head that keeps telling you ‘your not ready’, ‘you’re to good enough’ and ’what if you fail’. If you are sick of holding yourself back this group could be what you need! 

I know I have turned to the Fearless Female for business ideas for my active wear label and photography business.

So if this group of amazing women sounds appealing I want to invite you to join me on Saturday for the first Fearless Female networking event for 2018.
To book: Tickets @

On the night there will be:

✨ 3 hours of meeting and mingling with other Ladies.

✨ 1 hour of unlimited house sparkling, wine & non-alcoholic beverages - Yes, you read that right!

✨ A private space for TFF ladies only.

✨ Amazing giveaways, with thanks to our event sponsors.

✨ Delicious Canap├ęs.

✨ Yummy sweet and treats.

✨ A beautiful setup your candid pics ;)

✨ A photographer to capture you and your girls.

Stop holding yourself back let's inspire echoer! 

Hope to see you there.
xo Deejay 


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