Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Style Stalker - Cool, calm and collected

While on a fashion photoshoot with some local creatives I took a break to grab a cold drink at Brodburger. 
This is where I  literally chased down Alex.  Alex was with a group of friends and had just finished enjoying a recovery meal at Canberra’s famous burger joint.
As a local, Alex’s favourite shopping haunts include General Pants and Zara.
'I like shopping at Zara as it fits me well and it has a good style,' said Alex.
'I do like Kayne West’s style, however, I don’t really have a style icon, my philosophy is if I like it I buy it,' said Alex.
If Alex could raid any store it would have to be Culture Kings.
'I am guaranteed to find something when I go to that store.'

Xo Deejay 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Style Curator: home sweet home of style

There are so many amazing women making their mark in business and we are fascinated to hear about their journey, challenges and what inspired them to take the entrepreneurial leap.

To kick off 2018 we have none other than the talented (and delightful) Gina from Style Curator who is a master of Interior Styling and can home decor like a boss.

We sat down with Gina to hear her #bossbabe story and to find out how she turned her #sidehustle to her #9to5.

TFV: How was style curator born?

Gina: I’ve always had a love of interiors but ended going down a career path of marketing… For a long time, I loved this work (and it set me up with the skillset I needed to create Style Curator) but when the creative freedom got sucked out of my job, I knew I needed to get moving on finding my ‘life passion’. Unfortunately trying to identify what that exactly is can be a challenge. Eventually I realised it was to do with the home and thought the obvious answer would be to start my own homeware boutique but without the capital to start, I looked at other options. That’s when I decided to combine my marketing/social media skills with interiors and start the blog.

TFV: When did you realise you were in the midst of something truly special?

Gina: From day 1 I put everything I had into SC and treated it like a business. Growing an authentic audience took time but once I had that, the rest just snowballed. I remember wanting to work with brands when I only had a couple of hundred monthly readers and they were like ‘Ummm, no. Come back to us later’, ha ha.

TFV: What has been one of the biggest challenges in owning your own business?

Gina: Definitely the juggling act - having to wear so many hats and decide where you’ll focus you’re attention. I’m never lacking ideas of what to do next… just time to get it all done! I’ve learnt I can’t do it all though and have slowly built up a team where I can delegate or outsource work that I’m not as good at or where I know it’s not worth my time.

TFV: What would you tell someone who is looking to quit their 9-5 to pursue their own blog?

Gina: Start a blog today, while you have your job. It’s easy to start a blog but not so easy to keep it going… If you still have the motivation to blog after work and during lunch breaks in 3 months, 6 months and 9 months time, then you know you’re onto something. In the meantime, you would have built up a blog that’s most likely already generating some income and you can look at trying to go part time to make a real go of it.

Also look for people you can collaborate with and learn from - the internet is a massive space and your peers shouldn’t be your competition.

TFV: How would you describe your signature style?

Gina: A little bit minimal, a little bit contemporary Australian, and a little bit luxe. I like to mix high and low end pieces to create a look I love but that’s achievable.

TFV: If you weren’t an interior stylist what else would you be doing?

Gina: Hmmm tough question. I definitely ran through a lot of ideas getting to this point, including becoming an author or freelance writer… I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else now though!

TFV: Where do you Style Curator in 5 years?

Gina: It’s hard to predict. I never would have thought I’d become an interior stylist, going into people’s homes helping them to style or colour consulting - yet this has become a large part of what I do now. The possibilities are pretty endless but one area I’d like to focus on is buying and renovating houses and sharing that experience through the blog.

TFV: IF you could only give one piece of business advice what would it be?

Gina: Do you. Don’t compare yourself to others or be influenced by what others are doing. The way you’ll succeed is by being true to who you are and focusing on that. It sounds so cliche but it’s true.

TFV: Tell us 3 things about yourself?

Gina: I’m a mum to a young boy Patrick and 90% of the time I’m in track pants playing at the playground with him. I love music. And I can barely cook to save my life.

TFV: Your life mantra?

Gina: Fake it til you make it

TFV: Your business mantra?

Gina: ‘The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who is going to stop me.’

Check out Gina's interior styling perfection at DIY inspo at: and find her on Instagram @stylecuratorau and take part in her regular #stylecuratorchallenge.


Who What Wear - Be brave, be bold, be you!

I don’t usually play with colour but towards the end of last year, I decide to challenge myself.
Albeit, it took me a while to start experimenting, however I got there in the end.
What better time to pull out the showstoppers then for my first contribution to the TFV for 2018!
Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You. Wear Red.

We all know that there is nothing like a woman in red! When you want to make a statement, turn eyes, or just leave them breathless. Red is the way to go, that’s what I wanted to channel with this look.

This suit jacket and bandeau top is apart of a set made by Sarah Thuch. Instead of pairing it back with her dress pants, I used her left over fabric to create a skirt instead. Tying it around my waist I added a new element to her original design.

To complete this look, I decided to focus on keeping accessories to a minimal. This guaranteed the overall look wasn’t overwhelming. I finished off the look with a black pair of heels and a hand bag.

What do you think of a woman wearing red? Are you bold enough to wear this colour?

Xo Sarafina Manyang

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Event re-cap - Black Opal Women's Fashion Preview and Style Stalkers

Models wearing Husk - Lauren Cribb, Nicole Collins and Sam Farrow
The biggest event on the Canberra Racing Calendar (Black Opal) is almost upon us! To ensure that your outfit is nothing short of chic, I joined forces with Bethany Larsen and showcased a selection of upcoming race style courtesy of Jigsaw and Husk.

The fashion show played out on level 15 of the QT Lounge. The event kicked off with moorish canapés, flavoursome cocktails and flowing champagne. It was a delightful event, we felt like we were on top of the world, level 15, the cocktail lounge - so picturesque!

When I was asked to style the event, I jumped at the invitation. I enjoy race wear and I couldn't help but think I could really show people how to push style boundaries at the races. Teach people about the colours and fabrics for the A/W18 season. 

I have to say the designers from Jigsaw and Husk nailed it - from luxe lace to bad-ass leather jackets. I was told the style combos made attendees think about not only race wear but their dress choices for the office (to STYLE UP wear to events like Black Opal).

I collected my fave key looks to help you with some inspo. Mix leather with lace and bust wearing culottes!

XO Janette Wojtaszak 
Models wearing Jigsaw - Lauren Cribb, Nicole Collins and Sam Farrow
Annikki Tiia Aaltonen in Jigsaw and Maryanne Irhia in vintage
Debby Harrington
Dress - Nicola Antoni
Shoes - Witchery
Bethany Larsen
Dress - Jigsaw
Shoes - Jigsaw
Headpiece - Lovisa
Hamish Lardi
Pants - Mj bale 
Shirt - Mj Bale
Shoes - Aquila
Cologne - Creed Aventus
Josie Huynh
Tee - Cotton On
Skirt - ASOS
Belt - The Lair
Heels - Siren
Bag - Orton
Katharina Cser
Top - Minkpink 
shorts - Witchery
Boots - Mollini 
Watch - Ayla Grace Timepieces 
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co 
Lauren Cribb
Jumpsuit - Zachary
Bag - Guess
Shoes - Lipstik
Sass Taylor 
Skirt - Zara
Top - Supre
Shoes - Sam Edelman 
Watch - MVMT

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Who What Wear - Mix n Match

I la-la-loved this look! Bright and colourful with a funky vintage vibe to it. 

I opted to clash print with a  retro 80s style tie-up top and orange stipe pants that have a  70s bohemian flare to them. 
The polka dot top buttoned up at the bust and tied in together at the waist. These tops are everywhere at the moment and are very flattering on all bust sizes. 

The striped pants lengthened my legs and flared beautifully. Perfect for a power walk!

Given the contrast of prints I kept my accessories to a minimum. I wore my favourite pear earrings and picked up a neutral bag from TK Maxx.  The structured white bag brought out the white in other elements of the outfit and had a gold buckle which teamed well with my belt. The unusual shape was also the perfect size to fit my essentials in it.

The whole look was sourced from TK Maxx which is amazing because I’ve never shopped there before! To my surprise I found items that really matched my style and of course budget #winwin. 

I think this look is so versatile! It can be dressed up with heels, as pictured, but can also be worn with tan sandals or white sports luxe sneakers. For those not as adventurous, the top and bottoms can both be paired
separately with a neutral block colour. The options are endless!

Would love to know what you think of the outfit or how you would wear it. 

||Outfit breakdown||
Earrings || Peal earings from my wardrobe 
Top|| TK Maxx Canberra Outlet Centre
Pants || TK Maxx Canberra Outlet Centre 
Belt || One of my favourite vintage belts 
Bag || TK Maxx Canberr Outlet Centre 

Shoes || Zara 

Words by Maryanne xx
Photography by @wearefoundau


Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Fearless Female - Networking event for boss babes!

I read a lot of inspirational and motivational books. Some of my favourites are the Alchemist and Grit! While digesting all these wonderful books one message that I have come across a lot is to surround yourself with like minded people if you are looking to be successful.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are a go getter and want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people that lift you! Working together you can support each other in realising your dreams and go further thank you had imagined.

This is where I need to share a group with you that I joined a while ago. The Fearless Female.
Ruth Marquez, a girlfriend of mine started this group last March. She hosts social events and workshops for women who want to meet new girlfriends that are on the same mission to fearlessly unleash the powerful woman inside while also expanding their social circle.

I do think as an adult it is harder to make friends. Back in the day, you could hand a child in the school yard your cupcake and you instantly become BFFs. As an adult it’s not always that easy (however I am pretty sure I would befriend someone who offered me free food). But back to serious talk. It is hard to push past your comfort zone and break into different social circles.
The Fearless Female group is a great way to connect to like-minded people. With over 600 member it's a really positive community to be a part of. 

Owner Ruth aims to ‘bring back focus and face any fears in the different areas of a woman’s life. The group encourages personal and business growth, self confidence and authentic connections.’

On our journey to our goals we sometimes need a push to move past our fear that has us paralysed. That voice in your head that keeps telling you ‘your not ready’, ‘you’re to good enough’ and ’what if you fail’. If you are sick of holding yourself back this group could be what you need! 

I know I have turned to the Fearless Female for business ideas for my active wear label and photography business.

So if this group of amazing women sounds appealing I want to invite you to join me on Saturday for the first Fearless Female networking event for 2018.
To book: Tickets @

On the night there will be:

✨ 3 hours of meeting and mingling with other Ladies.

✨ 1 hour of unlimited house sparkling, wine & non-alcoholic beverages - Yes, you read that right!

✨ A private space for TFF ladies only.

✨ Amazing giveaways, with thanks to our event sponsors.

✨ Delicious Canapés.

✨ Yummy sweet and treats.

✨ A beautiful setup your candid pics ;)

✨ A photographer to capture you and your girls.

Stop holding yourself back let's inspire echoer! 

Hope to see you there.
xo Deejay 


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Who What Wear - Pantone colour mix

This week I have reconnected with my sense of playfulness. I have been experimenting with my favourite colour-mix, with some calling it dramatic. Here’s hoping I can inspire you to experiment too.

This attention grabbing colour combo is cherry red paired with little boy blue. First Lady Melania Trump wore a baby blue Ralph Lauren ensemble to her husband’s inauguration in January 2017, but the clear blue sky-inspired tone has continued to be prevalent. 

I personally love the juxtaposition created by the strong and heated colour red, compared to the calm and cooling feeling that the blue evokes. I’m also no stranger to this combo wearing it in October for a colour block post and investing in a few pieces a couple of years ago because let’s be honest, I can’t resist the allure of red!

|| LOOK ONE ||

For the faint hearted wanting to test the waters a simple way to work this trend into your wardrobe is adding  an accessory in the contrasting colour.  For me this is looks like a tailored red jumpsuit worn my favourite earrings from Sportsgirl. 
|| Outfit details ||  
Earrings - Sportsgirl 
Jumpsuit - Sheik 
Clutch - Aldo Shoes 
Heels - Custom made
|| LOOK TWO ||

The next look I created in this palette from items in my wardrobe is a modern take of Marlyn Munro. There is something about a pleated flowy skirt that makes me feel uber feminine. 

However, sticking true to my style, I added my custom made snakeskin heels with red accents and a vintage printed belt for a bit of edge.

|| Outfit details ||  
Leotard - Kookai 
Skirt -H&M 
Clutch - Aldo Shoes 
Heels - Custom made
Belt - Vintage 

For my third look I introduced a print to this combo. I purchased this pencil skirt from H&M years ago as the punchy print reminded me Kenzo and Moschino. 

I’ve worn it with a cherry red jumper that has some extra detail on the back and silver and white accessories. If you wanted to pull it back for a more subtle look I’d recommend wearing a print like this with white instead. Navy also works incredibly well too.
|| Outfit details ||  
Earrings & Clutch - Collette by Collette Hayman 
Skirt -H&M  
Heels - Mollini 


Finally my last look it the most playful. You would catch me wearing this out for a dance with my girls on a night I am feeling super confident. It’s a sports luxe look utilizing a classic cut vest that I picked up on my travels to the states four years ago. I'm sure there is a ‘stylist’ rule about wearing a trend a second time around, but I’m choosing to ignore it! These 90s inspired snap button trackies are too much fun.
|| Outfit details ||  
Vest  - H&M
Pants  - TK Maxx
Bag - TK Maxx
Heels - Mollini 

Xo Deejay 
Images shot by Sofia Polak 


Sunday, 18 February 2018

In heaven at the Canberra Food and Wine Expo

On the 1st of February, Canberra hosted the Food and Wine Expo at the National Convention Centre. I’m not joking when I say that I was in heaven. I sampled and drank as much my stomach would allow in the 3 hours that I was there. The gourmet exhibitors included businesses in food, wine, homewares and kitchenware.

But before I even got inside, I attended a Southern Highlands Food & Wine class in the Appreciation Area. Think of it as pre-drinks before a party. The Moscato was my personal favourite.

After purchasing a glass with an attached holder to place around your neck; for the sole purpose of being able to hold both your drink and food in your hand at once; we headed inside. The expo filled up the entirety of the centre and was so overwhelmingly large, it was difficult to choose where to start. Do I quench my thirst or do I feed my growling stomach was the question.

My standouts were: The Smelly Cheese Shop, Mount Alexander Winery, Cello, KnockLofty, Doterra Essential Oils, Benchmark Beverages, Italian Wine Connection and Blue Nun.

Whether you’re a foodie or a wine connoisseur, there is something for everyone!

MH xox

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Valentine's Day - Treat your loved one to something a little different

Yes, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and it's time to start planning for the 14th of February. This year I want to give you ideas that are unusual to give for Valentine's Day. Ones that are edible and pretty (bonus, a gift that supports local businesses).

Valentine's Day can be really commercial, but it doesn't have to be! You can give the gift of food or an experience PLUS it won't break the bank. These are also ideas for just because.

I love receiving flowers! I mean who doesn't they smell good, they are visually beautiful and they make any work space pretty!

Giving a gift of food or a plant is a super idea! I have come up with a list of ideas for Valentine's Day - might win some hearts too.

Coming in at no. 1 
1. Give the gift of donuts with Bunched and Co. Who doesn't love a little sweet treat, every now and then? For $65 you can deliver your special one a bunch of donuts.
*Get your orders in at the latest by 1pm on Tuesday 13 February. Delivery is free in Canberra and Queanbeyan on Valentine's Day.
How huge is this bunch of flowers?! Almost half the size of me.

2. This year Moxom and Whitney has made it super easy for you to order florals. They had a web page designed just for Valentine's Day. From $85 you can send a delightful bouquet of flowers to your main girl or boy. Moxom and Whitney have done the hard work for you and have their best sellers ready for you to order.
*Please remember online ordering will be switched off from Midnight 12 February.
Image credit: The office cure 

3. Start your love jungle with a Philodenron or a Snake plant from The name is planted. Watch them flourish while your loved one looks after them. Make their work space healthy and inviting.

There you have it, hopefully some unique ideas for Valentine's Day. My vote is to gift something that is a little different this year, plus you'll be supporting local businesses too!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Who What Wear - Cheap and chic challenge

As a stylist I try to open my client's minds to different colors, prints and styles they might not have thought to try.

Just as importantly I like to expand their shopping grounds. We all have our favorite stores and brands that we like to be loyal to. However,  looking wider than your usual stores can pleasantly surprise you.

I decided to put myself through this challenge and ventured to Ally Fashion in the Canberra Outlet Centre.

Nothing against the store it’s just that I am over 30 and the target market is much younger. 
I also had Bron as a muse to experience the store with me.

Walking in I was drawn to their China Plate collection a mix of white and denim.
I love white and denim for fresh summer feels. 

Outfit breakdown 
Shirt || Ally Fashion 
Skirt || Ally Fashion 
Hat|| Portmans 
Heels || Models own 

Outfit breakdown 

Cami || Ally Fashion 
Jacket || Ally Fashion
Skirt || Ally Fashion 
Bag || Ally Fashion 
Heels || Betts 

For myself I did a double denim look with a gorgeous pastel embroidery bag. I thought this camisole with the sheer detail also looked more expensive then it really was. 

So now over to you I want you to challenge yourself and your shopping beliefs, explore a little. 

xo Deejay 
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