Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Canberra Style File: Kristen Henry

Kristen Henry is the woman behind one of Canberra's favourite radio station, we know her voice and we know her style! 

Not only is she a radio presenter, she is an emcee, video reporter, Thoroughbred Park Ambassador and style influencer , she loves to share little insights into her life including her upcoming wedding and her amazing cake making skills. If you follow her on social media you will know Kristen as a warm, caring, social and vibrant personality which is extends to her style and amazing outfit choices.

Kristen's style is bright, bold, and colourful. She is always beautifully dressed from head-to-toe and always expresses her individuality through her style. 

Kristen's friend, fellow radio presenter and Thoroughbred Park ambassador interviewed Kristen to find out what inspires her style.

BL: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration? 

KH: I think inspiration comes from a range of different people, to keep yourself interested and on trend. Locally if you’re not following the style choices of Sarah Kelly you’re not living. What a local icon, there is a woman with sass who is the Queen of the statement piece. If you want a timeless inspiration you can’t go past Jackie Kennedy; chic yet simple, from her Channel suits to pillbox hats. On point.

BL: Favourite store in Canberra? 

LH: I don’t think you can be tied to a store or look – fashion inspirations comes from anywhere!

BL: Favourite Aussie designer? 

KH: Steven Khalil is designing my Wedding dress, so at the moment he and I are spending so much time together I think I’d get in trouble if I didn’t say him! He is beyond incredible. What a gift to be able to work with him and create a very important dress.

BL: Three words that represent your style? 
KH: Structured, bold, bright.

BL: How long have you been an ambassador for Thoroughbred Park? 
KH: 5 years.. It’s been a while! It is one of my most favourite things a raceday at Thoroughbred park, it combines my favourite things. Catching up with friends, fashion, and a champagne.

BL: As Thoroughbred Park's ambassador can you give us your racewear tips? 

KH: Bright, bold, make a statement. Go for it with your style choices – why not? Celebrate local designers and milliners too, Christine Waring is my go-to, but give Sovata or Cynthia Jones - Bryson a buzz. Amazing women leading the field nationally in headwear. shop local and buy local.

BL: Any last tips? 
KH: You only live once, don’t save things for a ‘rainy day’. If you’ve purchased that bright handbag, beautiful perfume or to die for little black dress..wear it! Enjoy it.

Beth xox

Words by Bethany Larsen @bethanygracelarsen
Photography by DJ @wearefoundau 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Summer Style Inspo: Top Tips To Reinvent What You Already Own

Being a stylist and helping people makes me feel good. Sometimes people forget that there are simple things you can do to reinvent clothes you already own. I found this wide neck, light, flowy top from Portmans. Now I'm sure the purpose of this top was not to be worn off the shoulder like this but why not?!  When putting an outfit together, put your self in my shoes (a stylists perspective) and think about how else can I style (reinvent) what you have. It may be as simple as these three tips.

My Top 3 tips
1. Try it off the shoulder: If you own a top that has a wide neck, try shuffling it off to one shoulder or even both. Instant style attitude!
2. Show off some skin: Wrist-skin that is... If you wear a blazer, try rolling up your sleeves. This instantly creates an ultra chic look and changes your blazer from corporate to casual.
3. Tuck it: For an ultra chic look tuck your blouse, t-shirt or tank in the front of your pants. Watch how this instantly takes you to a more refined look. No worries if you want to keep it casual, leave it out and own it!
Sometimes all you have to do is think differently or think 'what would a stylist do'. Off you go, try 1, 2 or 3!
Words by Janette Wojtaszak @thestatementlife
Photography by @wearefoundau

This post a collaboration with Canberra Outlet. If you would like to collaborate with us contact stylists@thefashionvault.com.au 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Editorial - Heritage

"Culture is not a static concept, it is ever changing. We are not limited by old or new ways of living or knowledge system. With every generation we evolve. It will continue to thrive because it is adaptable, we are the very essence of it. The clothes worn are an expression of who we are, an adaptation of ourselves in western attire, inspired by the cultures that guide us. By combining African and pacific heritage we are able to percent to you in Time," Sarafina.

Photographer | Kevin Thornhill | IG kbtimages

Stylist and model 1 |  Sarafina Manyang | IG creationsofsarafina | FB Sarafina Manyang 
Model 2 | Imatakopate Gina | IG Imatakopate | FB Imatakopate Gina 


Thursday, 8 November 2018

Canberra's Own Miss International - Emily Tokic

Canberra’s very own sweetheart, Emily Tokic is competing in this year’s Miss International. Miss International is the third largest beauty pageant in the world, first held in 1960 in America. Since 2004, it has been held in Japan and contestants are expected to serve as ambassadors of peace and beauty, with an ultimate goal of promoting world peace, good will and understanding.

This smart and undeniably beautiful woman is representing competing with 87 other countries for the crown, with the winner crowned tomorrow in Japan (9th November).

Let’s find out a little bit more about this gorgeous woman who is representing Australia!

Emily is born and bred in Canberra and is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws. Although she is only 20 she has already achieved a lot, competing in Miss Universe Australia, in which she placed 4th Runner Up.

So you ask what motivates this woman...  

Q. What enticed you enter Miss International ? 

A. Pageants allow you to build a platform – to raise awareness and to use your voice to speak on issues that you are passionate about. I am extremely passionate about homelessness, as I do not believe that anyone in a society such as ours should be without food or shelter. I am also passionate about education, as I believe that everyone should have the basic human right to be educated. Education is power and if everyone was educated, there would be less poverty, less violence and more peace in this world.

Q. To be on stage you need to be confident. How did you gain so much confidence at such a young age?

A. I started dancing at the age of four, and unfortunately stopped when I was almost 17. My childhood was spent competing in eisteddfods, performing for others on stage, and preparing for exams. It was a large part of my life that I am incredibly grateful for, as it not only kept me fit and healthy, but it also taught me many invaluable life skills such as self-discipline, confidence and perseverance.

Q. Miss international is about bringing people together. In today’s world there is a lot of social media bulling and pressure. What advice do you give to young women growing up with this around them?
A. I believe that the answer to stopping or at least preventing bullying lies with our children and their education. Children need to learn how to form respectful relationship and by doing so understand that everyone is different and that being different is what makes us unique. Social media tends to lead to an illusion of perfection, which automatically puts pressure on our youth. Young women should not be sitting there and judging themselves by medias impossible standards. My advice to young women would be to empower one another and accept yourself, it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin as everyone is beautiful in their own way – we are all unique and that is something we must embrace.

Q. What is the pageant circuit really like? Are the women supportive of each other? What has your experience been like? 

A. Pageants provide you with a various amount of challenges and opportunities that allow you to grow and learn from. You enter an environment that you aren’t familiar with, you step outside of your comfort zone, which allows you to learn about new things and interact with people from different walks of life, that enables you to understand others and yourself even more. The women are very supportive of one another – you definitely leave a pageant with a bunch of new best friends who continually empower one another to be the best version of themselves.

Q. What have you been up to in the Philippines?

 A. The Philippines definitely has been a great experience. I was there for training – to ultimately perfect my catwalk, as well as media exposure. I have been attending interviews at radio stations, TV appearances, along with performing some charitable works. I also meet my official designer for the Miss International Competition: Jay-R Gamboa Flores for my evening gown and national costume fitting. I also walked in his latest collection at The Pilipina Fashion and Style Week on the 14th October.

Q. What are your career aspirations?

A. In the new few years I hope to finish my Commerce/Law degree, in which one day I hope to actively protect and promote human rights not only in Australia, but on an international scale. I envisage my future to be one full of positive change. I hope to continue to encourage those around me to perform acts of kindness, as I believe all it takes is one kind gesture, or one small action to make a change in this world.

Now for some fun…

Q. What is an unknown fact about you?

A. Something that not many people know is that I can play the piano. I studied for about 6 years.

Q. What is one thing you can’t go without in your handbag?

A. Gum!

Q. What is your favourite song on repeat at the moment? 

A. Let You Love Me – Rita Ora

Q. What is your favourite book? 

A. Half the Sky: How to Change the World

Q. What is your favourite beauty tip?

A. Never leave home without concealer, it’s the perfect touch up tool!

We wish Emily the best of luck tomorrow in the finals in Japan! 


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Looks from Melbourne Cup 2018 at Thoroughbred Park

Well what a day!

The races are always such a fun day out and yesterday Melbourne Cup at Thoroughbred Park did not disappoint.

The skies cleared by the time the race track started filling up with fashionable ladies and dressed up lads. The crowd gathered around for the several races that ran over the course of the day eagerly awaiting to discover if they placed lucky bets and awaiting the biggest race of the calendar year- The Melbourne Cup.

A day at the races is about horseracing however for me, it’s all about the fashion! I love seeing everyone dressed up from head-to-toe and with every detail considered. Racewear should be polished, classic and in-season- all the elements which make up great style and fashion.

This year, I was backstage running the Canberra Centre Fashions on the Field and got to see every outfit up close. This race day I favoured colour and I got to see a few stand-outs including a white and yellow ensemble with a killer statement bag, worn by ex-racing ambassador Kate Speldewinde. Her partner was also looking very sharp in navy and yellow which was favoured by several FOF menswear entrants paying homage to the Melbourne Cup flower – the yellow rose.

There was some beautiful millinery on show and this white and teal boater was one of my favourites

I also loved a vintage style look featuring a very on-trend jumpsuit in a polka dot fabric with matching hat and perfectly accessorised with a feature bag.

This year’s judging panel included our very own Janette Wojtaszak and HerCanberra’s Amanda Whitley, Emma McDonald and Nick Rysk from 106.3. The judging panel awarded a winner and runner up for both Classic Men’s and Classic Ladies with over $1200 worth of prizes including a trip to Paris. The winners embodied traditional racewear looks with a feminine touch and a modern edge. 

Nick Rysk, Kristen Henry (emcee) Ladies Winner, RunnerUp, Emma McDonald, Amanda Whitley and Janette Wojtaszak.

The winners

Image by Eric Piris, Red Photography

Image by Eric Piris, Red Photography

What we wore

I decided to opt for colour and knew this Bec and Bridge dress would be perfect. I just loved the red and the simplicity of it and instantly knew it could be worn dressed up or down or even at the beach with sandals. I teamed it up with a Piper boater which was lucky, as it saved my makeup from the light morning rain! I styled the look with Kookai tassel earrings, black strappy heels and my favourite silk clutch from Pineda Colin. I have now worn this clutch to several race days as it is perfect for adding a polished touch. 

Janette was dressed by the Canberra Centre and opted for an amazing forever new fuschia pink off the shoulder jumpsuit which is perfectly in-season and very much expresses Janette’s vibrant and colourful style. She teamed it up with a straw boater (also from Forever New), a custom-made clutch and a pair gorgeous earrings from her latest Statement life collection.

Image by Eric Piris, Red Photography
I loved Beth's colour combination of a lace pink dress from David Jones, Canberra Centre, red hatinator and earrings by Christine Waring Millinery and pair of white pumps. She exuded ladylike elegance. Her makeup by Jessica Dorothy looked flawless.

That’s it for the spring racing carnival for us this year! I am already looking forward to Black Opal Stakes next year in March.

Words by Sofia Polak @sofiapolakstyle

Image by Eric Piris, Red Photography.


Friday, 2 November 2018

Event Recap X Makeup Master’s Tips for a Better Version of You

If you haven’t noticed, makeup application is now a competitive sport. Your Insta feed full of contouring, baking, highlighting and razor-sharp cut-crease vids? Yep, mine too.
Clearly the stakes have changed. As we enter the warmer weather, with an increasing list of social events to attend, we all need to be bringing our makeup A-game. Enter professional makeup artist Nicole Thompson – AKA Pinky. Flamboyant, funny and friendly, Pinky shared her insider tips and techniques last week at the EDEN Beauty Masterclass at the Canberra Centre.
According to Pinky makeup application is about mimicking what you naturally look like – it’s still you, just a better versionAs compared with Insta artists, professional makeup artists have applied makeup to literally thousands of different faces, not just their own – meaning they know exactly what they’re talking about. 

Here’s what I learnt from Pinky’s Masterclass, so, you better listen up! Ace that base!
Say goodbye to your beauty blender – and hello to your hands, a beauty brush and layering.
If you want light and dewy, without greasy – yes! – then blend liquid illuminator into a matt foundation for your base. Using your hands to apply a first layer of this base warms the product making it easier to blend into your face. Then – using a fave product of Pinky’s – you want to spray your face with MAC Prep and Prime Fix – before moving to the next layer. A next layer can be applied with a beauty brush to those areas that need more coverage. Then another spray of the fix and another layer – but only put more foundation, where you need it!

You don’t want to powder your face immediately after you’ve just applied a moist base to your skin. Particularly where you use a matt foundation, you need to give it some time to do its thang and set a little on your skin. You come back to powdering your face once you’re ready to set and complete your look. In the meantime, you can move on to your brows and eyes.

Brilliant brows
In the words of Pinky – brows are sisters, not twins – and won’t ever look exactly the same; but she does have advice about to make them look their best.
Brush your brow hairs out of the way as you create the line of your brow. So, if you’re creating the line across the top of your brow, brush your brow downwards – yes, sounds weird, I know! This means hairs won’t get in the way as you create the line; and when you brush your brow back into place they look more natural – still on point! – but with less of a hard edge. Feathering your brow product on also ensures your brows look naturally polished.
Eye's looking at you kid
A tip for ensuring your eye look lasts the distance, spray a makeup fix on your brush, dip it in your eyeshadow then apply.

Also, for those of you who tilt your head when applying eye makeup – Pinky says – don’t! Unless of course you walk around with your head tilted on an angle. Look straight on into your mirror when applying your eye makeup. Pinky even recommends keeping your eye open whilst applying your crease colour – cause, let’s face it, you spend most of your day with your eyes open.
For a natural daytime look, sketch your eyeliner on, starting from the outside corner; but do not take it all the way across to the inner corner of your eye. You want to hug the natural shape of outer side of your eye (top and bottom) then take that line straight out (but not too far!) from where your upper and lower lashes meet. Check out Pinky’s pic (@pinkiiieee) of her model @kelsihedges to see what I mean.

For those of you who didn’t make it to Pinky’s masterclass, fear not!
*Pinky’s beauty book - ‘Making It Up’ – is released November. Perfect timing so you can look fabulous for those festive season events!

Words by Philippa Olrick and photography by Lydia Downe

Philippa Olrick and Ashley Cox
Emma Batchelor
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