Monday, 18 December 2017

A white Christmas

This year my Christmas is going to be very different! Why you ask.
Well for one I’m going to be away from all my family (unheard coming from an massive ethnic family) and it’s going to be a white Christmas.

I’m currently sitting at the airport getting ready to be whisked off to Paris.

This will be my first time to France and my first time embracing a winter Christmas. I've prepared a bucket list that includes drinking mulled wine and vintage shopping in the Latin quarter (feel free to drop me some suggestions too). 

Now I thought if I was travelling to one of the fashion capitals of the world I would need to do so in style.

While trying to frantically finish my Christmas shopping in Westfield Woden I couldn’t resist the allure of Decjuba. I went in under the guise of looking for my sister but truthfully their style aesthetic is more akin to me. 

Yes I know I was meant to be Christmas shopping and saving for overseas but I need to put my best foot forward.. right!?

After trying on half the store because I'm pretty much attracted to most of their pieces due to their versatility I settled on my travel outfit.
Drop crotch pants, a tee and a blazer. Casual, yet fashionable.

Drop crotch pants for me are an adult version of PJs in public. Comfy and true to my street style.  Paired back with a print tee you can’t go wrong. Let’s be honest how cute am in wearing a ‘St Germain' tee. The Parisian's will probably roll their eyes but I don’t care.

I thought the check blazer was a perfect addition to make it more of a winter look.

Obviously Im not crazy, heading out of the airport I would add my goose-down jacket, layer some thermals under my look and add a scarf and a beanie. Now for a two hour wait at Sydney airport and countless hours in the air. I can barely stand the wait. Wish me luck! 

|| Outfit breakdown ||

Au revoir Australia, joyeux noel et bonne annee.

(May or may not have had my french partner type the above sentence)

Xo Deejay 

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