Monday, 6 November 2017

Boss Girl - Kristen Zeller

You know those people who you bond with instantly? One minute you’ve just hugged each other hello and the next minute you both look at your phones and it’s 3 hours later? 

Kristen Zeller is one of those people. Smart, humble, charismatic and stunning - she is one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Not only that, she runs her own business The Bunched Co. It has already been around for a month or so and is quickly on the rise. And she’s only 18. Hold onto your seats folks because this is just the beginning. 

Upon deciding on where to meet we decided that Koko Black seemed fitting given both of our loves for chocolate. For those who know me - chocolate is my absolute weakness. Kristen makes my love for chocolate seem minuscule in comparison, her passion for her delicious creations so very palpable. 

I enjoy being early to my meet ups with people and use the time alone to prepare myself. Imagine the surprise I felt when a large white box was placed in front of me with one of her lovely doughnut bunches inside. I was even offered a separate chair by the staff to place my present as it was taking up the entirety of our table, making any sort of movement impossible. “You didn’t have to make this for me, I was not expecting this at all!” I exclaimed. She shrugged her shoulders and simply replied with, “you’re giving up your time to meet with me.” I feel like in a game of Kris Kringle she would come up with the most amazing gifts as her thoughtfulness for her business and for others is so evident in each of her individualised bunches. 

Kristen is from Canberra, born and bred. She has the support of her family and friends with her business but does the large majority on her own. She picks up the doughnuts from Desiree’s Fine Foods in Fyshwick, wraps and packages, delivers in her car, runs her social media pages and does her paperwork - I got tired just writing that line. She approached Desiree’s by emailing them and they have been nothing but supportive and lovely to her throughout the entire journey. Her design is simple but effect, “people love the pink ribbon!” 

She sometimes has 5am wake up calls in order to complete all of her orders on time, with Fridays being her busiest day. It’s all worth it though as she “loves seeing their faces when they open it.” It is interesting to note that the Mum’s of Canberra are her most popular customers. She’s already thinking ahead for next year, “Valentine’s Day will be busy, I’ve already started planning for it.” She believes in staying authentic and true to herself, “I was offered to do Lamington bunches but I didn’t like them and I wouldn’t sell something just to make money.” She has been using social media, especially Instagram to gage the response of her business so far, “I wanted to start off with Instagram as a tester before investing money and launching my own website.” 

The rest of our time was spent exchanging our favourite eateries in both Canberra and Sydney and bonding over the amazingness of dumplings. We are due for a dumpling date soon! This amazing boss girl is going places and I can’t wait to see what she does next! 

Be sure to place your orders ASAP! 


Words by Maryanne
Photography by Maryanne/Kristen xx 

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