Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Boss Girl - Kovu Hair

Sam and Catherine are ying and yang. They compliment each other in every single way attributing hugely to their success - it’s no wonder why their salon is constantly busy. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting them this year and I have never never come across two women who are as genuine, passionate and hard working. I love visiting their salon as you’re always met with a smiling face, positive vibes and feel good tunes. We spent the whole morning laughing non stop, the whole interview being light hearted and fun, complimented nicely with champagne and tea. The store is white, decorated with gold and rose gold accents with wooden touches here and there and pot plants placed across the marble. It is every interior designers dream! 

Hey gals! Let’s start with telling us a bit about yourselves.
Sam: I’m from the coast and moved to Canberra when I was 17, the day I got my P plates! I wanted to work in a bigger hair salon.
Catherine: Grew up in Canberra, moved away for a year and then came back. 

For those who don’t know, what does Kovu mean?
Sam: Kovu means scar and it was created after a hard time in my life. If I didn’t have those scars then we wouldn’t have Kovu.

How did you get your idea/concept for the business?
Both: We’ve seen faults in a lot of big salons and things we didn’t like about how they operated. The concept for our business is that when you walk in, you see that there is no hierarchy, the prices are affordable and there is exceptional customer service. 

If you have one piece of advice to someone starting out, what would that be?
Sam: You need to have passion and customer service. Clients are everything. 
Catherine: You need to have drive. Know what you want and more importantly, what you don’t want. 

What is your goal for the next 5 years?
Sam: Go to every rodeo in Australia (laughs). 
Catherine: My goal is definitely not that (laughs). I am really happy with what’s happening at the moment so I would love to keep doing what I’m doing. 

So you girls have an amazing playlist in store, what is one song that you have on repeat?
Both: TLC
(Sam proceeded to play rodeo songs for the remainder of my time there.) 

What fashion item can you not live without? 
Sam: These rodeo boots.
Catherine: These black rubber thongs from Woolies. 

What is your holy grail for hair products?
Sam: The Theorie shampoo and conditioner in Reform. 
Catherine: Dry shampoo from DeLorenzo. 

What is your favourite food?
Sam: Potato scallops with chicken salt. 
Catherine: Broccoli. I once went out to a Chinese restaurant and ordered just broccoli. 

Contact Details:

Appointment Only Wednesday - Sunday: 0423 279 620
Location: Kootara Crescent Narrabundah shops, Narrabundah ACT 2604

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx 

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