Friday, 3 November 2017

As You Like It is Loveable

I have been at university for 4 years now and have never visited As You Like It but was always intrigued by how it was always so busy! I thought enough was enough - I needed to rectify this situation! Nestled in the Street Theatre this cafe has very open and friendly vibes which is an extension of the lovely managers Joe and Candice. 

The first dish was a Salmon dish. The saltiness of the salmon was perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the berries. This colourful recipe is perfect for this spring and summer! 

The pancake stash with mixed berries were hands down the fluffiest pancakes I have ever eaten. They are not too overly sweet and are incredibly filling. 

The monster muffin I ate that day was a Cherry Ripe one - I don’t even like Cherry Ripe and I found it scrumptious so that is saying something! 

I could not recommend this cafe enough - it also doubles up as a super cute study spot!

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx 

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