Friday, 6 October 2017

FASHFEST closing night re-cap

The champagne was flowing, cameras on the red carpet were flashing, Doughnut Department and Zaab Street Food were pumping and the vibes were high for the closing night of FASHFEST!Models strutted down the runway to the hypnotic beats of the DJs under the lights which were synced to the music. That night I was seated in the media pit which offered me a front view of the show and an opportunity to fully experience the shows. 

Show 1 

Charly Thorn

The maxi skirts and dresses were whimsical and forecasted what we could expect in the upcoming warmer months! The flowy pieces were in turquoise and white with the models hair sleeked back and feet put in sandals; in an effort to leave the audience’s eyes on the garments. The pieces were also flattering to the figures, being cinched in at the waist and teased the audience with pieces both in the tops and bottoms. It was hard to believe that this designer is only 17 years old!!

Miss Winks

Transported back to the 60s with big teased hair and dramatic smokey eyes, this collection was nothing but eye catching. The lingerie had different cuts and adorned the models bodies in lace, sequins and everything in between! The timeless silhouettes were vintage but with a modern twist! 

Assemblage Project

Minimalistic was key. The pieces had a very simple cut and were in black, navy and grey tones. The garments were both comfortable and stylish and it was easy to see how easily these staple pieces could be dressed up as the models donned a messy bun and strappy heels. 

Nomiko Kids 

The palette consisted of neutrals but with gold accents intertwined. I got Winter Couture for kids vibes as the garments were layered to perfection. These were accompanied with accessories such as oh so cute hats. The layers most definitely did not restrict the movements of the kids as their personality and confidence stole the show! Definitely one of my faves, bravo!! 

Salvos Stores

I have never been so blown away with a creative collection before. How one takes scraps of material and creates beautiful garments is beyond me! These pieces were colourful, had character and were miss matched to perfection! The earthy tones of the pieces carried through to the face paint on the models faces and were visible through the lace and sequins attached. 

Naomi Peris Bridal 

Exquisite, exquisite, exquisite! The beading of the sequins was so fine and there was special attention paid to the sleeves which was beautiful to watch. The models had loose waves which framed the face and there were big statement earrings to balance the dresses which could only be compared to royalty with the tight bodice and flared out waist. 

Show 2

Karen Lee 

Loose fitting monochromatic pieces featured in this collection. The garments hung around the models knee to calf region however this modest length was spiced up with teased hair and dark kohl eyes. 

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation 

This collection was flattering on all of the body shapes! The prints were loud and bold which was amazingly eye catching. The updo hairstyle kept the focus on the fun colourful designs which was well thought out. 

Zilpah Tart 

This collection was bright in the best way possible! The cut was structured and featured bold florals. Accompanied with vibrant shoes and accessories, the spring vibes were strong. Some of the prints looked like paintings, and the floral theme was present in the hairstyles also. The main three colours were pink, blue and green which were a perfect colour of choice for the pieces which had great movement on the models figures. 


I got chic casual vibes from this collection. The models were bare foot, it was a drapey loose fit and the fabric looked soft to the touch. However what I loved was how this soft look was paired with aggressive sleek hair and models who screamed attitude on the catwalk. 

Braddon Tailors

I cannot rave about this collection enough!! This vintage revival featured perfectly tailored garments in pastels which were classy yet sexy. There were matching sets - top and bottom, and the accessories were cute little handbags. So on point and so on my shopping list!! 

Megan Cannings Design

To close the show were the sweet bohemian pieces in this collection. The main palette was made up of pink designs with black detailing. The colour carried through to the pink eye shadow and flowers weaved through the hairstyles which accentuated the sweet and feminine look. 

Credit to Andrea and Clint and the entire team for another amazing year! 

Words by Maryanne Irhia
Photography by @wearefoundau

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