Friday, 20 October 2017

Boyfriend material

As a stylist and blogger it would be a lie if I didn’t admit I like my man to be dressed well. A man with some style and a signature cologne ticks all the right boxes in my book.  

(Of course it’s not just about how they dress it is more about how they treat you) but for the purposes of this post I am going to talk all about - ‘boyfriend material’. The key items that I feel my man should own.

Smart casual items

With the upcoming festive season and nights out for dinner and spontaneous picnic dates (*hint hint) I think there are 4 keys items a man should own. These include:

A casual blazer. Opt for colours or non suiting fabrics to make them more casual from your suits such as jersey.

Quality basic tees. Block colours are great to have to mix and match with your outfits. As a start invest in white, grey and black.

Chinos. These are a nice change from jeans. Opt for a colour that you will see yourself wearing the most. My patner (like me is super clumsy with food) so navy was the smarter choice over light coloured pants. Another benefit of chinos is that they can be dressed down with sneakers and dressed up with a nice dress shoe.

A dress shoe. As much as I love sneakers and high tops on a man sometimes they just don’t work for the occasion. As a guide invest in a black and a tan dress shoe. This should get you through most occasion. After that you can start investing in other colours and fabrics (yes I love shopping).

Outfit breakdown 
Blazer + tee + chinos + shoes from @YDAusralia at @Canberraoutletcentre
Photography our editor Deejay @wearefoundau

Weekend Casual

For weekday and weekend casual dressing it’s obvious there are some key wardrobe ‘boyfriend material’ staples here.

T-shirts. Invest in t-shirts that reflect your unique style. If you are not sure what that is yet stick to your basic colours or patterns to start.

Jeans. As with any women’s wardrobe a mans wardrobe should also include a pair of jeans. Experiment with shape and colour to find out what suits you the best.

White sneakers. Okay so I have a sneaker fetish so it’s hard to choose just one style but if I had to I think white sneakers for men are a great versatile piece.  (Once you have those go mad with adding high tops to your wardrobe repertoire)

Outfit breakdown 
 Tee +  shirt + jeans from @parliamentclothing at @Canberraoutletcentre
Photography our editor Deejay @wearefoundau

Xo Deejay 

(Thanks for the snap @sofiapolak/@thestatementlife)


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