Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tallow and Thyme...Terrific!

It was 7:45 on a Wednesday morning and for a cafe that opens at the crack of dawn (7am) it was buzzing. Tucked away in Braddon, this cafe is super cute with both modern white and traditional brick walls and warm toned furniture. The quirkiness is accentuated with couches and little health signs around the shop. Everything on off is super fresh, healthy and organic with ready made meals available also if you’re in a rush. 

I had the famous Sunrise Eggs Benny and it was a carb free delight. By that I mean they substituted the standard sourdough bread with mushrooms. Now I love the standard bacon, eggs and avo combo just like the next person which is what this dish was - but they took it to the next level. I did not have a vice like grip on my knife whilst trying to cut through a thick crust of bread. My knife cut through the perfectly cooked and flavoursome mushroom with ease. This twist on eggs on toast left my feeling deliciously satisfied. The salad on the side added a refreshing crunch whilst the bacon added a sliver of saltiness.

Jayne the manager is lovely and welcoming an ensured that I had everything I needed. The entire experience left me feeling warm and oh so wholesome.

It is the perfect way to start your day or whatever thyme (I had to) you’re feeling!

Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia xx


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