Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Super Hero... Burger Hero!

This burger joint is a hidden treasure tucked away in the streets of Braddon. I went there for dinner on a Tuesday nigh at 6pm and had purposely fasted that day in the lead up to my meal. I went in to try the freshly released special of that week - the onion rings and The Dirty Big Hero Burger and of course the classic criss cross chips which I couldn’t go past if I tried. It was pretty busy for a weeknight. It is a modern American style retro joint, with indoor plants and a red, black and white colour scheme. The seating is accommodating, with group tables for larger groups and then singular window seating which is where I wrote this piece. 

The onion rings came out first and a healthy size to start the night off. They are not at all chewy and are so soft that they melt deliciously into your mouth. The sauce that accompanies them has a fun kick to them at the end and provides a fun flavour to the rings. 
There is a reason that Burger Hero is famous for these chips. They are golden. They are crispy. They are perfectly salted. Essentially they are heaven. 

The moment you have all been waiting for - The Dirty Big Hero Burger. This burger has 4 patties, you heard correctly. 4 patties. Now to be honest I was a bit hesitant, I had never attempted to try something so gloriously large. To sum up, it was simply delicious. The bun is oh so soft, the cheese melts through the layers. The patties are juicy and there is a surprise hash brown in the middle which adds salty goodness. You know when you’ve fasted all day and you start eating something so quickly because it’s so good and you’re scared it’s going to get cold and then - it hits you. Halfway through the burger I was contently full but I powered on. The burger combined with the chips and onion rings (if you dare) are an amazing but very filling combo so tread carefully. 

Everything there is value for money, the portion sizes are filling; university students rejoice. The staff are all very friendly and the service is fast and efficient. These specials are only on for 2 weeks - so get in quick! Once again, Burger Hero saves the day. 


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