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Boss Girl - Annie from Miss Winks

There are many inspirational women out there who work hard to be successful. Their dedication and commitment is definitely something to be inspired by. Our first interview for this series is with Annie.

Annie from Miss Winks. Pic credit @wearefoundau
For those who don't know, Annie is the owner and master mind behind MissWinks an online lingerie boutique stocking intimates, jewelry and gifts from independent and Australian designers. On top of owning a personal business Annie also works as a Marketing and PR officer for QT Hotel in Canberra.

We hope you are inspired by her as much as we were. See the below interview with Annie.

Deejay: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
Annie: It’s always been in the background I suppose. A few years ago I owned a boutique that stocked mainly vintage and also some designer labels and I always thought it would be fantastic to stock unique, feminine lingerie but the store wasn’t the right format at the time.

I then worked as a personal stylist and the importance of lingerie in making a woman feel beautiful and confident really struck me.

Deejay: What as your mission at the onset?
Annie: I wanted to source pieces that were different to the usual offerings you find in department or high-street stores.  I also wanted to support up and coming designers. These designer pieces are made with love and are high quality so it makes  sense to support these small small businesses.

I also want the experience to be fun! Miss Winks epitomises the duality of our nature- the girly girl, the feminine but also strong, sassy and mischievous.

Deejay : What do you attribute your success to?
Annie: I think I am still defining what success looks like. I just keep chipping away and keep the bigger picture in mind. I have goals, as we all do, and try to keep my daydream as the impetus to keep working hard.

Deejay: What difficulties have you had  owning a business and how have you overcome them?
Annie: It’s all about balance. I’m not always good at prioritising my wellbeing when I am busy but that’s really something that’s coming into focus. When you’re busy, sometimes self-care can be the first thing to go. I have seen my desire to do things differently as feeling a bit overwhelming at times but now I see it as a good thing.

I’ve balanced full-time work with a business, I’ve gone out on my own a few times and it’s not always easy but I know that this is what I am born to do. I feel it on a soul level. So, I can’t ignore that and I just need to ride the waves as they come.

Deejay: If you have one piece of advice to someone just starting out what would it be?
Annie: Put in the hours. Growing a business takes double the time and usually double the money you expected. There is no such thing as an overnight success, as much as it can seem that way. Also, have fun with it! Don’t forget why you had the dream in the first place. Take time for you, prioritise your physical and mental health. Be authentic. Do you.

Deejay: You also work full time, how do you find the time?
Annie: Sometimes I don’t feel like I do! I work in PR for a leading hotel group, which can be quite demanding, although really interesting and dynamic. I then work on my business in the evenings, on weekends, and in my sleep it feels like! You just have to do it to make progress. But I’m really passionate so that spurs me on.

Deejay: What is your goal for the next five years?
Annie: So many things! Growing my business to stock more labels is one thing. I also have an itching for design so watch this space! Personally, I want to travel more. It enriches my soul and enlivens my mind.

Things you might not have known about our boss babe Annie.

Deejay: What song or artist do you have on repeat?
Annie: I never really seem to have gotten past the 90’s and 00’s for tunes so you will most likely have me listening to some RNB or Hip Hop from then interspersed with Britney and the Backstreet Boys! What a dag.

Deejay: What fashion item can’t you live without?
Annie: Wow this is like naming my favourite child! I love leather…and black…so probably my leather jacket and skirt. So versatile. But my Moschino belt and Jimmy Choo satchel would probably be my most special staples.

Deejay: What is a fun fact that our readers wouldn’t know about you?
Annie: I can do a really convincing Bronx accent. I think I was a New Yorker in a past life. In fact, accents I can do pretty well- I’ve had fun with that!

Thank you Annie for your time your journey is inspiring to witness

You can see Annie’s fabulous curated collection at this years Fashfest. She will be showcasing on Saturday night, show 1 at  7:00pm.

Xo Deejay 

Editorial image credits
Model // Sinead Carpenter 
Makeup // Amy Capeda 
Hair styling // Kate Lily 
Hair cut and colour // Axis Hairdressing
Styling // Our editor Deejay 

Wardrobe // Miss Winks


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