Friday, 4 August 2017

TK Maxx takes your shopping to the max

When dressing luxe for less, European department store TK Maxx (TK) is one of the first to come to mind for stores in Canberra.

Personally I like to head out to the store in the Canberra Outlet Centre as I find it has a wider range of styles and sizes.

'TK Maxx is really all about great brands, great quality, great fashion all at an incredible price,' said TK Maxx spokesperson Tessa Buenen.

Although for shoppers who don't have the patience or the motivation to shift through the racks this store isn’t for you.

To shop there you have to have an open mind and spend time looking through the clothing. If you are flexible in what you want to find, you really can find some amazing bargains that are just too good to walk away from. (On the inside you will be saying… treat yo self you deserve it). 

I walked into TK knowing I wanted to pick up a going out outfit for a dinner. Other than that i didn't set any limits on what that outfit would look like.

I started the outfit by finding a punchy orange Diversion Knit Skirt by TY-LR. The original price for this skirt was $290 selling for $79.00 at TK Maxx (don’t mind if I do).  This skirt fit me like a glove so I had to get it. 

When buying bargains don’t just get something because it’s well priced. You should always make sure it fits you well. I think women sometimes get caught up in the bargain and forget the fit and practicality of the item.

So with that advice in mind I found my next item, a blue floral blouse by Nicola Ekat ($29.95). For me this blouse has a dual purpose. I can wear it for a dinner date and i can also wear it to work for a more corporate look. Versatility check.

Being the loud dresser that I am I couldn’t walk past the ridiculously luscious faux fur jacket by 7 for all man kind. The jacket completes my outfit. It is warm, stylish and heavily discounted. I can also see myself wearing this jacket with some skinny jeans and a oversized black tee (not to mention the other outfits in my head but let's leave it at that for now). 
When bargain shopping my stylist tips are: 
·      keep an open mind
·      take the time to look through the racks
·      don’t settle for a bad fit just because it is cheap, and 
·      stay true to your style.

Xo Deejay

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