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Microdermabrasion - Macro results - Laser Clinics Australia Canberra Centre

Real talk. As a woman with a European heritage growing up meant that I fast became best friends with Nad’s (wax hair removal). As technology improved the revolution of laser hair removal hit the market, Laser Clinics was born and my life was changed forever.  
I owe my scar free (and hair free) underarm and bikini to Laser Clinic Canberra Centre. You might think I am being a bit dramatic but growing up I was very self-conscious. I would not lift my arm up in tanks for fear that people would see the purple ingrown welts that existed on my underarm, not to mention only wearing a bikini with board shorts or a sarong to hide my scars. It didn’t matter if I shaved or waxed I simply was not smooth or scar free. 
With my big sister guiding me I started visiting Laser Clinics in the city for hair removal. The treatments reduced my hair to pretty much nothing (which is amazing considering my background) and more importantly resurfaced my skin. I was no longer embarrassed or self-conscious. 
Having had success with them before I have now turned to Laser Clinic Canberra City for my next beauty treatment.


It’s no secret I’ve hit the big 3-0 mark and with that comes aging.  My skin is just not as supple as it used to be. Skin rejuvenation just slows down. 
I booked a consult to see if microdermabrasion would be suitable for me. I had heard that that microdermabrasion could aid in minimizing fine lines and help with my dry-as Canberra winter skin. I was curious.
I will admit I was a bit apprehensive (having done no real research) I was worried that microdermabrasion was abrasive, that it would hurt and require down time. 
After having a consult with Bec, one of their resident skin specialists with over 10 years experience in beauty I realised how little I actually knew about it. 
Bec made me feel comfortable enough to ask all the questions that I had.
She helped me understand that while I might be following the right beauty steps for my face, the products that I was using are not able to penetrate my skin deep enough due to a build-up of dead skin. 
After asking about my lifestyle, current beauty regime and products Bec was able to tailor a five 5 step microdermabrasion to my skin.
We identified my skin concerns to be:
  • Early signs of ageing 
  • Dryness of the skin (even after exfoliating and using a day and night moisturiser). 

‘Microdermabrasion is often referred to the lunch time facial because it’s a treatment you literally can do in your lunch break and there is generally no down time needed ,’ said Bec. 
‘The treatment will remove the dead skin cells on your surface allowing the healthy skin to shine through and encourages new cells to produce.’ 
The lyrics shine bright light a diamond came to mind so I proceeded with the treatment. 

What I got

I was treated to a customs five step programme including: 
My customisation included a multivitamin mask to help feed my new skins cells invigorated by the exfoliation process.
The cleanse
What happens during microdermabrasion
The multivitamin mask (so shinny)
LED treatment

What does it feel like? 

For me the microdermabrasion felt much like a facial with a little bit of pressure. It was rather relaxing. You will have a moment where you think, is this even doing anything.

Bec seemed to have read my mind and showed me the filter that collects all the dry skin. I would post it but I don't want to gross you out so I’ll leave it offline. It’s both cool and gross to see how much dead skin actually gets removed from your face.

When I had one of the masks on my face it had a slight tingling feeling but nothing to worry about.  
My favourite part of the treatment was the LED light. The warmth from the light almost put me to sleep. Queue an awkward leg jerk from me and I was back present in the room. 

The results 

Overall I loved it (and booked another 3 treatments). I walked out of the place touching my skin not recognising how smooth it felt and I wasn’t red like a beetroot (something that I thought would happen). I was smooth and glowing. 
Post treatment

Over the next few days my skin developed an awesome glow. Below is an image with me with no makeup after 72 hours from the treatment. 
(72hours later excuse me cropping my friend out)
I also noticed that after the treatment once I used my regular cleanser and moisturiser my skin felt softer. The product was actually penetrating better. 
Overall I think my most favourite change was when I put on makeup. Prior to the treatment I would end up with a cakey dry bits on my t-section. My skin is better and the makeup has greater coverage without the dryness. 

Why invest? 

Yes, getting a microdermabrasion costs money but in the long term is helps you save. Your skin will shine and the surface becomes smoother, meaning you actually need to use less beauty products. 
I also like feeling beautiful without makeup. This is very important to me (this is actually  a whole other back story to growing up with acne and going on two rounds of Roaccutane). Wearing no makeup and being comfortable and confident is a liberating feeling (and posting it for all of you to see). 


I had two tiny pimples crop up but they healed very quickly. This can be a minor side effect but it’s apart of the process. 


  • No preparation needed 
  • No down time 
  • It’s fast (under 30 min) 
  • It’s relaxing 
  • Results within a few days 
  • You will walk around saying touch my skin
  • Stimulates new cell development 


A five step microdermabrasion is $89 but your first laser or skin treatment is half price. 
If your lucky you can also get great deals during promotions ( I got my next three at 40% off).


For optimal results Bec recommended that I have 4-6 treatmements. I’m happy to make this investment in my skin. Let’s bring on the shine! 

Make your appointment: 

I had my treatment from Bec and also a post consult with Cassandra. Both girls were lovely and very knowledgeable. 

Call (02) 61112908
Hello hydrated and gorgeous skin, nice to meet you! 
XO Deejay 


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